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Satellite TV On the Go: DirecTV App On Your iPad

If you are a DirecTV subscriber, you are no longer limited to sitting in front of your HD TV to enjoy your Satellite TV subscription when using DirecTV Everywhere and the DirecTV app for iOS or Android mobile devices.

What Can the New Apple Watch Do For You?

We've been waiting for months and we have now seen the big reveal of the new Apple Watch! Now the big question is – what did we learn about it?We didn't really learn as much as we had hoped, but we did pick up a few things.

The New Apple Watch’s Release Date is Now Known

Apple has announced when the new Apple Watch will be available for the public to get their hands on it. We've been hearing rumors about this watch for about two years now and it's finally a reality. Apple held an early this month where they answered ...

Blood Glucose Readings and Tracking Just Got Much Easier

The technology of keeping track of your blood glucose readings has gone through several evolutions. See how easy it's gotten here. Getting accurate blood glucose readings has been fairly easy for the last couple decades.

Mobile Phone Amplified Speakers Worth a Listen

Most mobile phone amplified speakers are bulky or awkward to use. The powered external speakers I have require either USB or wall power making them unpractical for spontaneous mobile outings...

The 7 Best Mobile Phones on the Market

Has the time come for you to replace your smartphone? Here are the best mobile phones available on the market and what they can offer you it terms of display, power and features.

Video Streaming on a Smartwatch

Something that may tip the scales for smartwatches is video streaming. With the growing speculation over the Apple Watch, which is due to be released later this year and the plethora of smartwatches displayed at CES 2015 ...

Apple’s Sells 74.5 million iPhones in Q4

Well above what Wall Street analysts expected, Apple announced this week that their iPhone sales from October to December of 2014 reached 74.5 million...

Save Smartly with This Truly Smart Piggy Bank

Meet a truly smart piggy bank. The Quirky Porkfolio can make learning how to save and manage money fun.I didn't have a smart piggy bank when I was growing up. In fact, except for my coin collection, I wasn't able to hold onto money for very long when ...

AirPlay Mirroring FAQ: Content Straight to Your TV

If you're an Apple fan and want your devices to communicate and share content effortless, you have to try out AirPlay mirroring. This feature is perfect for sharing video and other content with your family and friends, but many do not even realize it's...