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Verve 2: Plug In, Connect, Create and Play

Verve 2 is an innovative device designed to please computer programming gurus and techies as well as anyone with a desire to plug in to the digital world to explore, create and interact with some nifty games and amazing apps. The Amazing Things...

Notion Offers Smart Home Solutions Similar Products Don’t

Notion is a smart home system that alerts people when their doors open and their windows break, but it also let's you know things...

The Internet of Things: Overhyped or the Next Technology Wave?

Lately, it seems like the tech news space is being overrun with the latest on the Internet of Things. Will we soon have to worry about our microwaves and refrigerators conspiring to let hackers access our home networks?

The Age of the Smart Kitchen is Upon Us

If your house is equipped with an HA system, you can control lights, shades, thermostats, and even kitchen appliances no matter your location. We are entering the age of the smart kitchen.

The Internet of Things for School

It's time to learn about the Internet of Things for school. The traditional format of getting an education usually brings to mind the cerebral setting of a college classroom with the instructor leading lectures and student discussions.

The 6 Best Smart Devices for Pets

Smart alarms, smart locks, smart thermostats...the world of smart devices just keeps on growing. But what you may not know is that the Internet of Things is also busy working in the pet world, and it has come up with some pretty amazing smart devices...

Make Your Dumb Home a Smart Home For $200

We've been hearing the term "smart home" for the past few years and it has actually meant a few different things to different people....

Surfing Through the Internet of Things

There has been a lot of talk about the "Internet of Things" for a couple of years. What it means is that more and more of our lives, and the things we use, are being connected to the Internet. Everything from stoves to microwaves, coffee makers to crock

Smart Childcare: Modern Solutions for New Parents

Smart childcare is a growing field that offers high-tech devices for infants and their new parents. From managing feeding and entertainment to offering protection and digital potty training, these products offer all sorts of solutions for modern parents –

New TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Watch Excites Us

Tom Tom has a new multi-sport cardio watch that is certain to get the hearts of runners, swimmers, cyclists and other athletes racing! Continue reading to learn more about the features, pros and cons of the Tom Tom Runner Cardio, and Multi-Sport Cardio!