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Get Mobile Charging and Tracking from a State-of-the-Art Suitcase

Bluesmart Carry On: Get Mobile Charging and Tracking from a Suitcase The Bluesmart Connected Carry-On is no ordinary piece of luggage. With the ability to do much more than just carry your belongings, this product is intelligent as well as innovative...

Wear Smart Earbuds To Enhance Your Workouts and Fitness Routines

If you are on the lookout for the latest trends in wearable fitness technology gadgets, then check out these Smart Earbuds from SMS Audio BioSport. Portable and lightweight, these in-ear headphones ...

Olive Helps You Manage Stress Easily

What if you could own a stylish-looking bracelet that could help you manage stress and over time, even avoid it? Olive is that device. Read on and find out Olive can help you keep stress at manageable levels for a healthier, happier life.

GoKey is More Than Just a Keychain Finder

Do you lose or misplace your keys or phone on a regular basis? Read on about how GoKey can solve these problems for you, as more than just a keychain finder.

Security Systems for Homes in the Digital Era

The advent of the "Internet of Things" where seemingly every home appliance offers Web connectivity as a feature has shaken up the world of home security, making it easier to build your own system as part of a DIY home automation installation.

This One Car App Can Save You Thousands

Understanding the codes and gibberish spouted by your car's computer can be a painful experience. Find out why this professional mechanic recommends the car app, Drivebot. Many of my long-time readers know that I was raised in the auto industry and that

Misfit Wearables Raises $40 Million, Prepares to Enter Smart Home Market

Misfit Weartables, which currently makes the Flash and Shine activity trackers, has raised $40 million in funding from Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone company, as...

Quirky Unleashes New Smart Home Devices On Wink Platform

Thanks to a new partnership with GE, Quirky has been able to unleash a round of new smart home devices onto the market, covering a wide range of smart home capabilities. These new devices all work on GE's Wink platform, which also supports other brands...

New Bracelet From Intel Connects Users to Google Alerts, Facebook

Using an AT&T data plan, Intel and Opening Ceremony have come up with a smart bracelet that will connect users with Facebook, Google and...

Microsoft Smart Watch Could Be Ready For Christmas

Forbes reports that the Microsoft smart watch is getting ready to be unveiled within the next month. The mobile device could record people's heart...