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Oomi Smart Home Lets You Simplify Your Life

Oomi Smart Home is the simplest and quickest home automation/security product I've seen to date. Although simply and easy to install, the level of control given is comparable to much more expensive and hard to use systems.

Blueguard Smart Lock and Video Doorbell Keeps You Safe

The Lark-Wi Blueguard Smart Lock and Wi-Fi Video Doorbell has you covered with a great set of features that include automatic locking control and remote video for 2-way conversations. With the convenience provided by your mobile smartphone, you can ...

Stylish Jolla Tablet Provides Functionality and Intuitive Design

Stylish Jolla Tablet Provides Powerful Functionality Consumers that enjoy open-source technology products and applications will quickly embrace the innovative Jolla Tablet. The product, which runs on the independent Sailfish OS, made recent headlines...

FuelBox Mobile Charging Station Keeps You Powered Up and Connected

If you are searching for a mobile charging station that is compatible with multiple types of devices and operating systems, FuelBox fits the bill. With its universal functionality provided by the combination of a stationary docking base as well as a ...

The Video Doorbell: Smart Door Solutions with Cams Included

In our world of smart devices, it's no surprise that doors are also getting more intelligent. We have a variety of smart door locks on the market, which can be remotely managed or tell when you are close and unlock. We also have a growing number of...

Cubic: A Digital Personal Assistant That Makes Life Easier

Cubic is uniquely special as it does much more than remotely operate and control devices, as it also works as a digital personal assistant. You can talk to Cubic and have a conversation and Cubic will respond to you with a naturally ...

TrackR App Keeps You Connected With the Crowd GPS Network

Keep connected to all your belongings and never lose sight of your pets with the TrackR App and the innovative Crowd GPS Network. Consumers can choose from several TrackR devices as a convenient way to quickly locate misplaced or lost items and pets...

Home Automation Tools: Flic Smart Wireless Button

Within the category of smart home automation tools, the Flic Smart Wireless Button is an innovative device that works in conjunction with your mobile device and a downloaded app. You can use Flic to integrate and control actions such as listening to music

Olive Helps You Manage Stress Easily

What if you could own a stylish-looking bracelet that could help you manage stress and over time, even avoid it? Olive is that device. Read on and find out Olive can help you keep stress at manageable levels for a healthier, happier life.

GoKey is More Than Just a Keychain Finder

Do you lose or misplace your keys or phone on a regular basis? Read on about how GoKey can solve these problems for you, as more than just a keychain finder.