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Keen Home’s New Smart Vent System Makes Heating and Cooling Easier

A brief overview of the new Smart Vent from Keen Home, providing details on this latest smart home accessory that uses the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and smart sensors to recirculate the air in homes to lower heating and cooling costs.

5 Features on Vivint Home Security You Didn’t Know About

It stands to reason that a Vivint Home Security solution offers a great option for securing and automating your digital smart home. With that in mind, here are five Vivint features worthy of further exploration.

Nyrius Smart Outlet Gives You Automated Control of Home Appliances

The Nyrius Smart Outlet lets you wirelessly control home appliances and electronics from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth technology and the Nyrius app work together to help you create an efficient schedule to manage your devices ...

Sengled Smart LED Lights Help Save on Your Electric Bill

Smart LED lights are a great way to reduce your energy consumption and save some money for other uses. We saw this market segment take off last year. Sengled was a standout at CES 2015, with their entry into this market segment. However, they've been ...

Tempo Environmental Monitor Uses Bluetooth Smart Technology

The Tempo Environmental Monitor by BlueMaestro is a sleek, smart device that can sense, track and monitor data both indoors and outdoors using innovative Bluetooth Smart technology.

5 New Smart Home Products You Should Know About

Check out these five new smart home products that can help simplify and secure your life.

Lucis NuBryte: A Smart Home Lighting and Safety Monitoring System

Lucis NuBryte checks all the boxes for a great smart home lighting and safety monitoring system. With its capability to multitask, NuBryte's cloud-based platform works overtime to...

Smart Home Lighting Automation Device Mimics the Sun

If you have been looking for an innovative way to recreate the natural vibrancy of the sun within your own living space, then check out the Sunn Light. As a smart home lighting automation product, the Sunn Light will provide your environment with heighten

Get Home Automation Sprinkler Control with the Blossom Smart Watering System

The Blossom Smart Watering System works with intelligent weather data to provide consumers with home automation sprinkler control for their lawns, plants, and flowers in 12 growing zones. Blossom continually ...

A DIY LED Light Saves You Money as a Fun Family...

Want to know a way to make a DIY LED light that is fun and easy? Read on. You'll have more light to work in and save money at the same time.I built one with my kids years ago and wrote down the steps ...