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Verizon Buys AOL, But What Does That Mean to Customers?

The "Verizon Buys AOL" news has been hitting the airwaves for almost two weeks now. The original bit of news said that Verizon had agreed to pay $50 a share which would come to around $4.4 billion dollars. Since that announcement on the 15th, AOL ...

Charter Buys Time Warner Cable: What This Means for You

Charter Communications has officially released details on a deal to purchase Time Warner Cable for around $56.7 billion. But what does the news that "Charter Buys Time Warner Cable" mean to all of the Cable TV customers involved?

Cincinnati Bell Customer Service: Guides, Classes and More

Cincinnati Bell customer service options can help you quickly contact support staff...or solve a problem by yourself with the many online guides that CB offers. You can also access online classes, FAQs, and more. Online Support Services If you have...

Cincinnati Bell Internet: Speeds, Prices and New Projects

If you live in the Cincinnati area, consider using Cincinnati Bell Internet services – they have some of the fastest speeds in town, and offer deals particulars attractive for sports fans. Here's what you can expect. ZoomTown Internet Cincinnati Bell...

Home Automation Market Enters Mainstream House Construction

Once the domain of the esoteric, the Home Automation market is gradually coming of age and entering the home builder mainstream. If you are still considering turning your residence into a digital smart home, now is the time for further exploration.

CenturyLink Prism TV Blows Up in Q4, Adding 13K Subs

Centurylink announced Wednesday that the Cable TV provider added 12,900 new Prism TV subscriptions to customers between October and December of 2014. Their aggressive expansion...

FCC Ups Broadband Internet Service Standard

Even before FCC chairman Tom Wheeler's recent endorsement of the concept of Net Neutrality, the former cable lobbyist caused a kerfuffle in the industry by changing the FCC's definition of broadband Internet service.

More Internet Access For Schools Means Higher Phone Bills For Consumers

Federal officials voted to increase funding for High Speed Internet access to schools and libraries across the United States Thursday. That means, in order...

Get Connected With Charter Spectrum’s Enhanced Digital Fiber Network

Current customers as well as potential ones looking for great home entertainment and connection services should check out the offerings of Charter Spectrum. With the newly upgraded network, the digital fiber ...

Ordering New Internet Service After a Move

Trying to order new Internet service can often be confusing. What company should you go with? How much bandwidth/speed do you need? We help you figure out the right answers to the right questions!