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Apple Changes ‘Free’ Label on Apps That Don’t Cost You Money

This past week, Apple decided to change the label on their free apps in the iOS App Store to "get," even though both labels...

E3 Conference Introduces PlayStation TV

PlayStation TV was announced at the recent E3 conference. Surprisingly, the announcement came almost as a footnote to their presentation, an "Oh yeah, we almost forgot. We've got this for you, as well." That's pretty strange for an announcement that just

5 Great iPad Games Everyone Should Play

There are a lot of great iPad games out there, some you pay for and some you don't. Some games appear to be free, but once you are in them you find that you need to make a lot of in-app purchases to play them. Then there are the games that you thought wou

App Shopping at the Chrome Web Store

The Google Chrome Web Store is your doorway to everything Chrome. Just like the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store are your main entry into the wor

Angry Birds Store Offers Games, More

The Angry Birds Store has the latest installments in the popular Angry Birds series, including Angry Birds Star Wars and Bad Piggies. In addition...

Best iPad Applications for Your Money

Somebody loves you and bought you an iPad, iPad mini, or iPad2 for Christmas, or maybe it was just to say how much you...