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Frontier Buys AT&T Phone Service

Communication compa

Frontier Buys AT&T Wireline: Provider Changes

It looks like a sure thing: Frontier Communications Corp. will be buying all of AT&T's infrastructure in Connecticut, taking over the customers, services and a couple thousand employees. As Frontier buys AT&T wireline assets, the shape of the provider...

The Many Options for Cable TV in Idaho

Cable TV in Idaho can sometimes be hit and miss. Sure, you can go the easy way and opt for one of the packages from whoever is the preferred cable provider

Frontier Secure Antivirus: Stay Safe!

Frontier Secure Antivirus is Frontier's latest upgrade to their antivirus product. Anyone who owns a computer with Internet capabilities knows how important it is...

Cable TV in Alaska: What Are My Options?

Your options for Cable TV in Alaska may be somewhat less than they would be in the lower 48 States, but they also aren't...

Frontier Secure Leads the Way in Internet Security

Last October, we eagerly awaited the launch of Windows 8.1, enabling us more ways to personalize our user-experience, boot to the desktop and enjoy...