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No Patch for Internet Explorer 8 Bug Yet

No Patch for Internet Explorer 8 Bug Yet Huh, no patch for Internet Explorer 8 bug yet? Wait, the current version of IE is at version 10, so what's this about no patch for a bug in IE8 about? What do I have to worry about? In a nutshell, it's because...

Avoiding Ad Personalization: The Best Ways to Opt Out

Ad personalization is the result of those targeted ads that try to offer you items based on your social activity, the Web pages you visit, and your general behavior online. Unfortunately, instead of tailoring ads to people, targeted ads can backfire and g

Internet Speedometer & More

An Internet speedometer is a handy tool that tests your Internet connection and can quickly and easily tell you if you're not getting the...

5 Free Browsers for Internet Cruising

This is the first of a series of articles looking into the usability of different free browsers on the web. Some are right for...