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Facebook Changes: Understanding the Latest Updates and What They Mean for...

Are you ready for the Facebook changes that are coming at the end of January? Curious about how these changes will affect how you use Facebook and whether or not they will make things easier or more complicated? Here are the full details on the updates.

PhotoTime App Organizes, Tags Photos as They’re Shot

PhotoTime is a new photo management app for iPhones and iPads that automatically organizes and tags all of the pictures you take, as you...

New Bracelet From Intel Connects Users to Google Alerts, Facebook

Using an AT&T data plan, Intel and Opening Ceremony have come up with a smart bracelet that will connect users with Facebook, Google and...

Slingshot: Facebook’s Improved Photo Messaging App

Facebook has been on an expansion mission lately. The company now owns properties like Instagram and Oculus VR, and is developing plenty of its own new apps, too. One of these new apps is called Slingshot, and expands messaging services into the photo...

Google Exec Megan Smith Named America’s Next CTO

The White House tabbed Google executive Megan Smith on Thursday to be the next United States Chief Technology Officer, who will report directly to...

New Facebook Features Scare Many

The new Facebook feature appears to many pundits to be another Facebook disaster in the making. If you've spent any time at all on the social media site, you can list a number of "upgrades" or "new features" that have caused the Facebook community to scre

New Facebook Feature Update: Privacy, Relationships, and Food

Facebook has added three big features to its list of capabilities, letting identify music with passive listening services, allow users to ask about relationships, and give restaurants a new tool.

Messaging App Alternatives for Your Smartphone

Social media has moved away from the bulky desktop website and into our mobile devices for the past few years. We may not have noticed it, but smartphones and other portables have quietly become the new social media centers of our interconnected world. Sl

The Top 5 Android Social Apps

When it comes to Android social apps, there is an endless array of choices. From the insanely popular to the lesser known, these days it seems there is a

10 Windows 8 Apps to Check Out

A quick look at some Windows 8 apps seems pretty appropriate, considering the operating system has already been through a new revision -- Windows...