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Comcast XFINITY Home Automation Another Option for Smart Home Control

Many TV providers are trying to capitalize on the growing market for Home Automation. Not to be left behind in the battle for customers, Comcast is also getting in the game with XFINITY Home Automation.

Digital Life is AT&T’s Foray into Home Automation

With the Home Automation and Internet of Things going mainstream, it makes sense that the large tech giants want some of the action. Enter AT&T. The telecommunications giant's Digital Life service offers typical HA and Home Security functionality.

Home Automation DIY — Is It the Way to Go?

With the Internet of Things and Home Automation trends sweeping the consumer tech world, you are probably wondering -- should I call a vendor or is a Home Automation DIY setup the way to go?

Build Your Own Home Security System — It’s Easier Than You...

One of the major advantages of the Internet of Things trend is it makes it relatively easy to build your own Home Security system. A variety of third-party vendors now offer bundles that make systems easy to set up and control.

Scout Home Security isn’t a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

The Scout home security system is one of the few home security solutions that allow you to buy only what you need. There are others out there, but Scout is more flexible. This isn't the best option for everyone out there, but if you're looking for easy to

Bring Smart Projects to Life with MESHKit

Smart projects let you use your imagination to create new and innovative toys, tools, and applications. I've mentioned a few smart home applications, devices, and protocols with which the sky's the limit as far as what you can come up with...

A DIY LED Light Saves You Money as a Fun Family...

Want to know a way to make a DIY LED light that is fun and easy? Read on. You'll have more light to work in and save money at the same time.I built one with my kids years ago and wrote down the steps ...

The Savant App: High-Class Home Automation for Busy Owners

Savant is a relatively young smart home company with a lot of big ideas about how to create a smart home. With the Savant app you can not only control smart devices, but also set personalized Scenes and integrate a variety of unique services you would...

DIY Security: Novi Offers the Ideal Apartment-Friendly Device

Smart security systems, with their impressive array of sensors and smartphone-ready apps, do have one issue: Few are created with the smaller apartment or loft in mind, where landlord rules and a lack of space render many security systems inapplicable....

6 Best Wireless Alarm System Apps for Low Budgets

If you're home is a little too quirky and your budget is a little too low to pay for monthly security, you need to check out the alternative DIY home wireless alarm systems that work through apps and one-time-fees.