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Verizon Vehicle Will Give OnStar a Run For Their Money

The North American International Auto Show isn't where you would expect to see a telecommunications company, but at the recent show Verizon made an exciting announcement -- Verizon Vehicle!

This One Car App Can Save You Thousands

Understanding the codes and gibberish spouted by your car's computer can be a painful experience. Find out why this professional mechanic recommends the car app, Drivebot. Many of my long-time readers know that I was raised in the auto industry and that

Long Distance Moving: How to Choose a Reputable Auto Transport Company

Making a major move across multiple states requires the services of long distance moving companies. If you decide that you do not want to take a cross-country trip in your...

Navdy’s Heads-Up Driving Display Raises $6.5 Million in Funding

Navdy is an upcoming device being built to help people use their smartphones more safely while they drive. The company got another round of...