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Ordering New Internet Service After a Move

Trying to order new Internet service can often be confusing. What company should you go with? How much bandwidth/speed do you need? We help you figure out the right answers to the right questions!

1G Broadband Has Finally Arrived!

1G broadband is on its way soon for many Cox customers. However, Cox Communications isn't the first provider of High-Speed Broadband Internet to offer customers this speed. CenturyLink is already offering it to customers in a couple of areas and will roll

Where is the Best Netflix Bandwidth Found?

Where Is the Best Netflix Bandwidth Found? Netflix bandwidth is fast becoming a comparison benchmark for Internet Service Providers across the country...

Time Warner Cable Internet: What to Expect

Time Warner Cable Internet: What to Expect

Comcast and Netflix Deal Means Better Streaming

The Netflix and Comcast Deal Means Better Streaming Have you heard that Netflix and Comcast have signed a deal that looks to help ensure that Netflix...

High Speed Internet Providers’ Bandwidth Limits

Sometimes High Speed Internet providers will limit (or "cap") the amount of data that a customer can send and receive over the Internet, in...

Understanding Internet Carriers and Terminology

Internet Carriers offering true High Speed Internet access for home users are relatively new in the scheme of things. It has only been within...

Best Internet Services for the Money

It's easy to sign up for a bundle of services that includes High Speed Internet, Home Phone, Cable TV and many other features. Although,...