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Apple HomeKit — Cupertino Delays Launch of New Home Automation System?

One sign that Home Automation is becoming the new must-have in consumer technology involved the announcement of Apple HomeKit, at the Worldwide Developers Conference held last year. Now, there is news the product is delayed. What gives?

Make Moving in with Someone Less Stressful and Drama Free

Sharing a space with someone isn't always easy. The following tips can help you to establish clear boundaries and responsibilities with your new roommate and make moving in with someone a little less stressful and dramatic for everyone involved.

Sensibo: Get a Smart Air Conditioner

Indiegogo is trying to making heating and cooling your house a lot easier with a smart air conditioner. The company's latest device, called Sensibo, sets out to make your air conditioner, smarter, simpler, and more willing than ever to save you money.