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Smart Light Bulbs Help You Save Money

Our phones are getting smarter. Our thermostats, as well as the rest of our houses, are getting smarter. Cars are smart enough for some functions to be operated by voice command. Why can't we have a smart light bulb?

Android Wear Now in a Smartwatch Battle with the Apple Watch

The recent announcement of the Apple Watch makes the battle between the smartwatches a new reality in the mobile technology space. Google's Android Wear is now trying to play catch up.

Sales of Mobile Games Expected to Reach $21 Billion in 2014

The digital research firm SuperData announced Thursday that the forecast for sales of mobile games in 2014 is $21 billion in worldwide revenues this...

Ways to Watch NFL on the Go

Ways to Watch NFL on the Go Need to watch NFL on the go? Imagine if you will: You've got the jersey laid out. The beer, chips, crackers, and salsa are all cooling the fridge, the wings are seasoned and waiting to pop into the oven, and the phone rings....

Apple TV Adds New NFL Now Video Network

The NFL announced this week that their new online video network, NFL Now, will be available on Apple TV this season, with the possibility...

The New Oyster App: Unlimited Reading with One Fee

Ready for a modern-day digital book service? Think about trying out the Oyster app. This e-book service, which has raised $17 million in funding and continues to grow, has recently come up with some exciting updates.

The Apple Text Message Lawsuit

The Apple text message lawsuit has been big news in the mobile tech forums recently. If you've recently switched from an iPhone to an Android based phone, you may be one of the people the lawsuit is meant to help. What happened? Why are people suing Apple

The Best Job Search Apps for Android and iOS

Job search apps for Android and iOS are something that many people will need at one time or another. Taking a look at Google's Play Store, there are hundreds of apps for job seekers, some for those looking for local jobs, while others have national databa

A Short Primer on Tracking Cookies

A Short Primer on Tracking Cookies Tracking cookies are used for a variety of reasons. Both the websites you visit and your own browsers can cause a cookie to be "set." Cookies can also be either first person cookie or a third person cookie. We'll take...

9 Best Vacation Apps to Plan the Perfect Getaway

With summer just around the corner, most of us are overdue for a much needed break. Planning the perfect getaway, however, can be quite the chore. While there are dozens of vacation planning apps that can help, which are the best? Who do you trust?