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Hot Stuff! This New Tablet is Microwavable

This new tablet delivers on the promise of top nothc handwriting recognition. Check it out.

Smart Watch Reviews Reveal Apple Watch’s Early Dominance

With a variety of positive smart watch reviews now available, you may be wondering whether or not a smart watch works as another device suitable for controlling your own digital smart home. Apple Watch or Android Wear -- what makes the most sense?

Android Grows, But iPhones Own Business Segments

Good Technology reports that while Android phones now have over one-fourth of all mobile devices inside the United States, iPhones continue to lead in...

Satellite TV On the Go: DirecTV App On Your iPad

If you are a DirecTV subscriber, you are no longer limited to sitting in front of your HD TV to enjoy your Satellite TV subscription when using DirecTV Everywhere and the DirecTV app for iOS or Android mobile devices.

New Android Watches Now Available

New Android watches are introduced on a regular basis. Manufacturers include big name brands like Samsung, companies just making their mark in the industry like Pebble, and companies that are starting to gain serious traction in the industry like Huawei.

Podo: Stick Anywhere Camera Better Than the Stick Camera

Taking a selfie isn't easy. You either have to lug around a long awkward stick camera or hold your arm at an awkward angle to get the perfect shot. Even if you want to carry around a stick camera they aren't allowed in a lot of areas.

Tempo Environmental Monitor Uses Bluetooth Smart Technology

The Tempo Environmental Monitor by BlueMaestro is a sleek, smart device that can sense, track and monitor data both indoors and outdoors using innovative Bluetooth Smart technology.

Report: Apple to Accept Android, Blackberry Phones In Trade for iPhones

Bloomberg cited unnamed sources that they start accepting Android and Blackberry smartphones in a new trade-in program, in exchange for iPhones. Currently, Android is the...

Save Smartly with This Truly Smart Piggy Bank

Meet a truly smart piggy bank. The Quirky Porkfolio can make learning how to save and manage money fun.I didn't have a smart piggy bank when I was growing up. In fact, except for my coin collection, I wasn't able to hold onto money for very long when ...

Insteon Home Automation Systems Manage Today’s Smart Home

It seems like 2015 may be the year that home automation truly takes off in the mainstream. For those looking for a reputable company for their digital smart home, an Insteon home automation system is worthy of further exploration.