Streaming Wars: Will Vudu Movies Take the Lead?


There is no shortage of media and movie streaming services to choose from, it seems that everyone is doing it these days. There are the big names such as Netflix, Crackle, Hulu Plus, Vudu Movies, and more recently Redbox has even moved into direct streaming.

One of the newer additions to the arena is Vudu. They have actually been around for a while, but their partnership with Wal-Mart has really given them a leg up recently.

All of these streaming services are competitively priced and marketed with many similarities, including how you can search for movies, viewer ratings, and even their selections can be relatively similar.

Like the other services, you can stream movies and TV shows over several devices, including:

  • Gaming consoles, such as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • Computer – Mac or PC
  • HDTV
  • Blu-ray Player
  • Android and Apple mobile devices
  • Media Players, such as Roku

With so many devices to choose from, it makes watching movies anywhere easy, as long as you have an Internet connection.

To watch Vudu movies, unlike many other services, there is no subscription fee. You pay only for what you choose to actually rent or purchase. Rental and purchase prices vary based on the resolution of the movie and the age. As expected, you can acquire many of the older films for a lot cheaper than the new releases.


Here are some of the reasons why Vudu movies is a great choice for many people.

Resolution: You can choose from SD (standard definition), HD (720p high definition), or HDX (Wal-Mart’s term for 1080p high definition), with the prices varying between about 1 and $7. If you choose to purchase the movie, then your cost can run from $5 and up.

Disc-to-Digital Conversion: Another nice feature that Vudu offers, and none of the other services do, is you can take your old movies into a Wal-Mart store and have them converted to digital media storage for viewing from your Vudu account.

You’ll pay about $2 for Blu-ray and SD DVDs and $5 for HD DVD conversions. Not all movie titles are available for disc-to-digital conversion. You can also use their digital Ultraviolet system to send an eGift movie that they can view from their own Vudu account.

HD On Demand: Vudu movies have the most available content available in HD On Demand for viewing on your television. HD is not available on the other devices. They also claim that you receive Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 Surround Sound with its HDX selections.

30-Day Rentals: The initial rental period for a video is 30 days, however, that is only the time you have left to watch it. Once you begin watching your selection, you must finish it within two days or extend your rental period for a discounted fee.

Parental Controls: You can set parental controls by setting an account password for purchases. This will prevent others from making unauthorized purchases or rentals.

Search: You can search Vudu movies by title, actor, or director or browse genres or set search specifics based on genres, ratings, availability, or release.

Sorting by Actor or Director: Similar to IMDb, you can also view all of an actor’s or director’s movies together that are available. The movie selection shows a short information bracket along with a list of cast members with photos. Clicking on the photo will give movies by the actor or director.

From New Releases to Old Favorites

With Vudu movies, you can also get access to new releases faster than other services. Many of the movies are released the same day as DVD titles. The selection of movies and television series includes box office hits, indie films, foreign cinema, and a plethora of television shows. Vudu now also has 3D films available.

In addition, Vudu movies offers bundles, which will save money on rentals and some free offerings of television shows, as well. Pre-ordering content is an option they provide for films not yet available.

There are several choices available to you for streaming movies and TV shows from the comfort of your home. This streaming service also eliminates the need for cable, providing you with endless hours of visual entertainment.

Among all the streaming services, Vudu movies stands out with the most available HD titles, no monthly subscription fee, and a variety of devices to stream from. Since its introduction in 2010, Vudu movies and television streaming has started gaining in popularity as more people move away from big Cable TV companies looking for other entertainment options that allows them to use several viewing options from more places.

With the backing of retail giant Wal-Mart and the availability of converting already owned DVDs to digital copies, Vudu is poised to become a leader in streaming services. Why not load Vudu onto one of your streaming devices and check it out for yourself today?