Ho, Ho, Ho! Best Streaming Christmas TV Shows Everywhere

Festivus Day - Seinfeld - Streaming Christmas TV Shows

Most of us have fond memories of the holiday episodes from our favorite TV shows, but it can be difficult to know where to find your favorites. Streaming Christmas shows online is a great way to watch and relive them again.

The following is a list of some of the Christmas episodes from TV shows of the past and the websites that make streaming Christmas episodes from popular TV shows easy.

Streaming Christmas From 5 Websites

Some of these streaming sites are free, while others might require a subscription fee.


Seinfeld had a few Christmas-themed episodes, including “The Pick” and “The Strike.”

Streaming Christmas - Married With ChildrenRemember the Christmas episode when Elaine sent an email that revealed just a little too much to everyone on her email list? Or the one where Kramer revives the use of the holiday, Festivus? Now you can see them again on Crackle.

Who doesn’t remember the spin that Married with Children put on the classic movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” in “It’s a Bundyful Life,” Part I and II? See it again on Crackle!

Hulu & Hulu Plus

Hulu has an original series where Christmas is the major theme of the show, Moody Christmas. The first three episodes of this original are available on Hulu, and episodes three through six are available on Hulu Plus.

Dr. Who‘s Christmas special, “The Next Doctor,” is available on Hulu Plus, and other Christmas episodes of Dr. Who are available on Netflix, and covered elsewhere in this article.

Mr. Hanky, the Christmas Poo,” from South Park, is available on Hulu Plus, as is the episode, “Merry Christmas Charlie Manson.”

Men Behaving Badly has an episode called, “Christmas,” available on Hulu Plus. And The Andy Williams: Best of Christmas Special is available for streaming on Hulu.


Streaming Christmas - Dr WhoAs all Whovians know, “Bow ties are cool!” Equally cool are the Christmas episodes of the popular Dr. Who TV series. From the years 2005-11, there were several episodes of Dr. Who that had a Christmas theme, including the five that are often considered the most popular: “The Quiet Undead,” “The Christmas Invasion,” “Voyage of the Damned,” “The End of Time,” and “A Christmas Carol.” Watch all of them, as well as many other episodes of “current” Dr. Who and classic Dr. Who on Netflix.

Do you remember these popular Christmas themed episodes from Family Guy: “A Very Special Family Guy Freakin’ Christmas,” “All I Really Want for Christmas,” and “Road to the North Pole“? Well, now you can watch them again on Netflix, and laugh until your sides hurt!

Watch the 30 Rock Christmas-themed episodes on Netflix — “Ludachristmas,” “Christmas Special,” and “Christmas Attack Zone.”

Do you still miss Nip/Tuck? Relive the Christmas drama with these holiday episodes of the series: “Reefer,” “Duke Collins,” and “Joy Kringle.”

Miss the annual Christmas party on Desperate Housewives? Watch the show’s Christmas episodes “Boom Crunch,” and “The Miracle Song,” again on Netflix.

Follow along as Gus and Shawn get Santa out of jail in the Psych episode, “Christmas Joy,” or enjoy the show’s other Christmas episodes: “Gus’ Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy,” and “Polarizing Express.”

On the Edge,” is the popular Christmas-themed episode from the series, Doc Martin, and you can watch it on Netflix.

Vicar of Dibley had these Christmas-themed episodes: “The Christmas Lunch Incident,” “Winter,” “Merry Christmas,” and “A Happy New Year.” You can see all of these episodes and the rest of the series on Netflix.

You can stream all five DreamWorks Holiday Classics on Netflix: “Merry Madagascar,” “Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury,” “Donkey’s Caroling Christmas-tacular,” and “The Madagascar Penguins in A Christmas Caper.”

Streaming Christmas - Barney FifeFor older TV fans, check out The Andy Griffith Show, Episode 11: “The Christmas Story.” Watch this and 249 more episodes of the show on Netflix.

If you really need a touch of the macabre for Christmas, the Christmas episode “Truth be Told,” from the 2006 season of Dexter can be also streamed from Netflix.

Arrested Development has two Christmas episodes from everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family: “In God We Trust,” and “Afternoon Delight.” Watch these and the show’s other episodes, including their latest season from this past summer, on Netflix.

You can also watch your favorite Christmas episodes from How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. These episodes include: “How Lily Stole Christmas,” “Little Minnesota,” “The Window,” “False Positive,” “Symphony of Illumination,” “The Over-Correction” and “The Final Page.”

YouTube Movies

You can instantly stream many of the episodes of The Waltons on YouTube Movies, including these tearjerkers with a Christmas theme:”The Best Christmas,” “The Children’s Carol,” “The Spirit,” and “The Waltons: The Homecoming, A Christmas Story.”

Also on YouTube Movies are many of the episodes from the first season of The Little House on the Prairie TV Series, including: “Christmas at Plum Creek.”

Amazon Prime

The BBC series Downton Abbey is in its third year, and all three seasons can be streamed online through Amazon Prime, including the Christmas episode from Season 2 of the show, which occurs during the year 1919.

Of course, there may be some Christmas episodes from your favorite TV shows that didn’t make our list, simply due to the limitations of length and scope of this article. If you think we’ve missed some great ones, please let us know by leaving us a comment along with where others can go online for streaming Christmas episodes.

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Also, Cable TV channels such as The Hallmark Channel, AMC, TCM and others also offer special Christmas and holiday programming during the season, including many favorite Christmas episodes of TV shows from the past, along with originals and movies. You can always use Digital Landing’s handy comparison tool to find deals on Cable TV packages and increase your entertainment options.

We also wrote an article about all of the Christmas movies on Netflix you should watch again. Check back with us soon for a similar article on streaming Christmas movies online, that will include the websites where you can view many old and new Christmas movie classics that will appeal to a wide variety of tastes and ages.