StoneTether: A Tracking Device for Kids, Keys, and Belongings


Keeping your kids, pets and personal items safe and secure is easy with the StoneTether. When you misplace or lose something or are worried about where your children may be, you can rest assured and stay connected with the StoneTether. Use it as a tracking device for kids as well as for your keys and all your belongings.

Track and Tether Capabilities

The StoneTether is truly flexible with its ability to locate and track lost items as well as making sure your children and pets are safe and secure. During those moments when you cannot remember where you left your keys or when your children or pets stray out of your reach, the device will engage its Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 technology to quickly zero in and alert you to their location.

The StoneTether’s innovative proximity tracking capability works by alerting you and sending you notifications. The unit will send an audible signal to alert the user and includes a distance indicator for tracking and pinpointing the exact location.

The device is compatible with both Android and iOS systems and works in conjunction with an app that is downloaded onto your mobile device. The operating range of the StoneTether extends to 500 feet in distance to help you track misplaced items as well as lost children and pets.

Usage of the StoneTether is simple and easy. For tracking items, attach the device to things such as key chains, luggage, computers, and other types of belongings. The device can also be attached to your pet’s collar to help you find them if they get lost. As a tracking device for kids, you can place the StoneTether in your child’s pocket to keep them safe and near you at all times.

StoneTether Features and Design

Measuring in at about 30 mm, the StoneTether is not much larger than a quarter. Cool features include being water resistant up to 30 feet. If your lost or strayed pet takes a swim in a nearby lake, the unit will still function and alert you as to its location.

The device runs on an easily replaceable CR2016 battery that has a life span of about 1 year before you need to put in a fresh one. The StoneTether is constructed of high density polymer and includes a solid 2 year warranty.

A unique feature that consumers will appreciate is being able to connect and communicate with other networked StoneTether smart devices via the StoneTether Cloud. The convenience of the StoneTether Cloud allows mobile users to receive alerts and notifications on several networked devices while on the go regardless of their location.

Consumers have a rainbow of colors to choose from when purchasing the StoneTether. Initial options for the device included red, black, pink, gray, and blue. The creators of StoneTether were open to suggestions for new color choices during the Kickstarter funding campaign and introduced two new shade selections based on popular demand. Top choices went to adding the shades of neon green and glow in the dark as available color selections.

The Creative Genius Behind StoneTether

Inspired by the desire to create an innovative product that makes daily living a little less stressful for its users, the inventors of StoneTether developed a wireless tracker that can locate practically anything that is tethered within a range of 500 feet. Whether you use it as a tracking device for kids or to locate a lost pet, the developers of this device engineered it to meet and satisfy multiple needs and purposeful uses.

StoneTether was created by Ehrien Marth, CEO and founder of Del Marth LLC. He attended the University of California, San Diego, and has been actively involved in developing projects that focus on “next generation technology.”

Mike Walton, whose expertise and skills lie within the areas of sales, distribution and operations, is the President of Del Marth LLC. Creative inspiration for Del Marth LLC is fueled by Brandon Conant, VP of Design, whose knowledge and background lie within the realm of Information Technology (IT).

Timeline for Production and Availability of StoneTether

The Kickstarter funding campaign to promote StoneTether was officially launched in early November 2014. With the support of 6,927 backers, the device surpassed its targeted goal of $15,000 by a wide margin during the second week of December 2014. After receiving pledges of $366,199 from its supporters, the StoneTether team is now working on fine tuning the details for scheduling the manufacture and production of the device to start in January 2015.

Consumers can place pre-orders for StoneTether directly online at the company’s website. Normally priced at $25 each, the current promotion at the time of this article provides a discounted price at only $20 each. Free shipping is available to those ordering within the United States.