StickNFind Tracking Device Locates All Your Stuff


Keep track of all your valuables as well as your pets with the innovative StickNFind Tracking Device. The downloaded app will zero in on lost or misplaced items with a radar screen that uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology. StickNFind will let you tether and track up to 20 stickers on just one mobile device within a range of about 30 meters, or 100 feet.

How StickNFind Works

Set up is easy and starts with downloading the StickNFind app onto your mobile device. Once you have launched the StickNFind app to activate it, just follow the instructions posted on the display of your mobile device. Personally pair each of your stickers and give them a name whether they are attached to your dog or cat’s collar or one of your personal items such as a handbag, luggage, car keys, or other valuables.

The StickNFind app includes a radar screen that is displayed on your mobile device so you can see all of your tethered stickers. If you misplace or lose an item that has a StickNFind attached to it, tracking it is as easy as choosing the sticker on your radar display screen to start the process of locating it. To help make it easier to track, StickNFind includes the option of clicking a button in order to make the sticker buzz or flash or a combination of both.

For those consumers that have pets, the StickNFind Tracking Device includes a virtual leash feature. If your pet wonders out of your back yard and beyond the designated range you entered on your mobile device, StickNFind will notify you with an alarm. StickNFind’s tracking range limit is about 30 meters, or 100 feet. There is the option of choosing from various alarm settings for all of your tethered pets or belongings that have a StickNFind attached.

Lost Sticker Feature Includes One Mile Virtual Perimeter

When you set your StickNFind stickers to be automatically enabled for tracking, the last known place of location will be displayed on your mobile device. If you were to misplace or lose your car keys, for example, this unique feature will “allow you to see where you last used StickNFind to locate that item.” (StickNFind, 2015)

The lost sticker feature will go that extra mile to help you track your lost item by networking with other users on the StickNFind server that also have and use the StickNFind app. When your lost item is tracked and located, StickNFind will send you an email notification to let you know where it was last seen and will include the data and time stamp with the message.

The advantage of the lost sticker feature works by adding an extra layer of coverage outside of the basic 100 feet of line of sight. When enabled, the range will extend to encompass a “one mile geofence or virtual perimeter” (StickNFind, 2015) extending out from your mobile device while tracking down your lost item. When your mobile device is no longer within the virtual perimeter, StickNFind will automatically send you an email message to notify you.

Technical Specifications of StickNFind

The StickNFind Tracking Device was designed to work with Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 technology for its connectivity requirements. The attached device has a tracking range that extends to about 100 feet within the scope of line of sight. With daily usage based on approximately 30 minutes, the replaceable CR2016 watch battery will maintain its charge and last up to 1 year before you will need to put in a new one.

The StickNFind is compatible with iOS devices that run on Bluetooth 4.0. Models supported include the Apple iPhone (4S and newer), iPad 3 and newer (includes both iPad Mini and iPad Air), and the iPod Touch (5th generation and newer). StickNFind is also compatible with Android devices including Samsung products, notably the Galaxy S3 and newer plus the Samsung Note II and newer. Mobile devices that run on Android 4.3 and 4.4 are also compatible with StickNFind. The company is working on making the StickNFind compatible with additional Android devices.

Conveniently small in size, the overall dimensions of StickNFind is 0.98 inches in diameter with a thickness of only 0.16 inches. The device is lightweight at only 0.15 ounces. The StickNFind relies upon 3M VHB adhesive for its sticky backing and can be used on multiple types of surfaces that include glass, leather, metal, plastics, painted surfaces, and more. StickNFind offers consumers a rainbow of color choices when purchasing the device that include the options of black, pink, red, blue, white, and clear.