Stay Connected With Facebook


Recently, Facebook welcomed its one billionth user. That’s 1,000,000,000 people connected with Facebook worldwide! That’s an amazing fact and real proof of today’s global society.

I’ve been a Facebook user for about four years now. I was a little reluctant to join, mostly because I didn’t understand how social media websites work. But at the urging of my grown children, I checked it out, and now I enjoy keeping up with my family and friends and staying connected with Facebook — a very user-friendly site.

To Friend or Unfriend

The average Facebook user has 245 friends. I have about 150, which is a very manageable number. I have never “friended” anyone that I don’t know personally because I don’t really care to see updates from strangers. I have “unsubscribed” some family and friends because of unwelcome and inappropriate language or political rants. However, by unsubscribing them, rather than unfriending them, I can still view their timelines and postings when I want.

New and Old Photos of New and Old Friends

It’s fun to post photos, especially those from the past. For special birthdays and other milestones, I dig into my photo archive and post an old family photo. There’s no better way to share these treasures with a large audience.

Careful Measures

I’ve been pretty careful about the types of information shared on Facebook. My wall only shows high school and college information. I’ve even hidden my birth date – not because I don’t want people to know my age, but because it’s a key piece of identity data. I’m also cautious about my updates – I don’t share that I’ll be out of town before a trip or vacation, as my house will be empty.

Facebook, along with all social media, has become an important way for companies to connect with their customers and consumers. By “liking” my favorites, I can see and download coupons, special offers and recipes.

I also joined a few special-interest groups. One of them is for fans of a favorite author, Nevil Shute. Through this group I have “met” many engaging people with a common interest, and enjoyed stimulating exchanges. Staying connected with Facebook has opened up so many new ways to learn about the things I love.

I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for Facebook and other social media sites!