Stay Connected To Your TV With Slingbox


Those of us who are old enough can remember when the choices for watching your favorite TV shows were simple. There were two of them: (1.) be home when it came on, or (2.) miss it. Then the ’80s brought VCRs, with their complex instructions and bulky tapes. Still, they were better than nothing. VCRs eventually gave way to DVD players, then to Blu-Ray disks, and finally to little black boxes that automatically record any show you choose, no tapes or disks needed. But none come close to the Slingbox!

As handy as these devices are, however, they still have one limitation: you have to be home to watch your programs. But now, thanks to a product called Slingbox, that’s no longer an issue. It allows you to watch them anywhere you have access to broadband Internet, and on virtually any device, including desktop and laptop PCs, iPads and other tablets, and smartphones. You can have your choices for information and entertainment brought right to where you are. The ’70s are behind us at last.

How Slingbox Works

Slingbox 500
The Slingbox 500 has HDMI, Built-in Wi-Fi, TV Interface, On-Screen Setup and personal media on all your screens.

Slingbox uses a high-tech breakthrough called placeshifting, which redirects recorded material to any room in the house or, as we’ve already discussed, anywhere in the world with a High Speed Internet connection. It works with either Windows or Apple computers, as well as various operating systems for smartphones and tablets. these include Android, Blackberry OS, iOS, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and Windows phone systems. Users can also watch their shows on any TV that’s part of the Slingbox worldwide network.


There are two models on the market. Slingbox 350 is the more affordable of the two, but has limited storage capacity. The Slingbox 500 holds more programs, plus it gives you access to personal photos and videos in addition to TV broadcasts.

Is It Hard to Set Up and Use?

No, although you’ll need to either push your TV away from the wall or be able to squeeze into a few tight corners to hook up the cables. This video gives a brief tutorial on what’s involved.

Are There Any Monthly Fees, such as a Subscription Charge?


How Much Does It Cost?

The Slingbox 350 runs around $180-$200.00 at online merchants like Amazon, while the Slingbox 500 is priced about $300.00. Of course, prices vary, both online and at local merchants, so be sure to shop around for the best deal.

The Bottom Line

The Slingbox is a great choice for those who want the freedom to watch their shows wherever and whenever they like. The official site has all of the details, including a helpful support section for those with concerns or further questions. Happy viewing!