Spin the Wheel with Netflix Roulette

Spin the Wheel with Netflix Roulette

Netflix Roulette is a new site that can help users reclaim all the precious time that they waste trying to find something great to watch on Netflix.

Perhaps you are especially lucky and have never personally experienced what an ordeal it can be to find something to watch on Netflix. For the rest of us, we’ve discovered that it’s actually possible to spend more time searching for something great to watch on Netflix than actually streaming movies or shows.

Whether or not you’ve had to survive another long day at work, who has time to waste? The last thing that any of us want to do is spend precious minutes scrolling through Netflix’s recommendations trying to find something that we’ve not already watched. Now, we can all stop wasting time and get back to streaming great shows and movies.

How Netflix Roulette Works

The site has a simple, easy to use interface . It’s available for desktop users and Android devices through Google Play.

Get a Random Recommendation

Simply leave the genre selection at its default setting of “All” and check the box for “show movies,” “show TV shows,” or select both, and then click “spin.” This will return a random recommendation. If you don’t like the results, just click “spin” again and let fortune do the rest. It’s fast, simple and easy. Some people enjoy spinning the wheel so much that one of the latest fads is to invite your friends and family over to watch whatever random recommendation you get.

If you prefer “complications,” there are several ways to refine your results.

How to Refine Netflix Roulette Recommendations

The program allows users to set several conditions and return results within several parameters. Users that want to watch titles that are categorized by genre have 19 choices. These genres include obvious choices, such as action and adventure, comedies, drama, and Oscar-winning movies. TV Shows is listed as a choice in genres, as well as one of the settings when users spin the wheel, which is handy for users that are looking for a random episode of a random TV Series.

Users can also filter the results based on an actor or director’s name, as well as specific keywords. The advanced option allows users to refine the search results by rating. The ratings come directly from Netflix, and range from one to five stars. The program allows users to specify half-stars in their search range.

While it might seem like an obvious choice to search for movies and shows that are three stars and higher, a growing number of users are choosing to deliberately watch one-star movies. Deliberately choosing to stream bad movies is a surging trend, and part of this fad includes having friends and family over so that you can pan and deride the film together. If you miss watching the popular ’90s cult classic, Mystery Science Theater 3000, then you might want to consider joining in on this craze. Plan a movie night with your friends, have them bring their favorite snacks to share, and spin the roulette wheel for a random one-star selection. Once you’ve found your rotten movie, lean back, relax and let the movie insults fly!

Drawbacks to Netflix Roulette

Currently, there are two main drawbacks to the app, with rumors that the developer is currently working on fixes and expansions to solve these and other minor issues. The biggest complaint with the program is that currently users aren’t able to specify their country or region of use, so users may sometimes receive recommendations that are not available in their area.

A more minor complaint is that Android app users are not able to start streaming the recommendation directly from the app. Desktop users of the program simply click the “watch on Netflix” button that appears near the bottom of the recommended title.

Despite these drawbacks, finding something great to watch on Netflix has never been as quick, easy or painless. If you would like some other options for finding great programs to stream on Netflix, you might want to check out our recent article, Top 11 Best Netflix Sites for Great Recommendations.

Be certain to let us know in the comments section below if you’ve given the wheel a spin on Netflix Roulette. How did it work for you? Did it recommend a great movie or show? Do you know of any other sites that can make it easy to find something great to watch on Netflix?