Getting Spanish Time Warner Cable Makes Sense For Many

Spanish Time Warner Cable

The Latino demographic is one of the fastest-growing in the United States, and Spanish Time Warner Cable might just be what they need for TV, Internet and Home Phone services.

TWC Spanish is Time Warner Cable’s way of providing service to their Spanish speaking customers. Time Warner Cable is one of the largest Cable, Internet and Phone companies in the country. Like most Cable and Internet providers, they know that their customer base doesn’t just include those whose primary language is English.

Specialized Spanish programming from Time Warner Cable comes in the form of a special program package that includes over a dozen Spanish language channels. By exploring these Spanish Time Warner Cable channels, you will find that they provide its customers with access to novellas, music, sports, news and even shows for kids, all brought to you in full Spanish.

Prices for all the services that Time Warner Cable has to offer will always vary, and there are a few different prices that are available for customers that order online, so be sure to check the Digital Landing Deals page before signing up for anything, if you want to find the offer that best suits you.

For Bilingual Entertainment

As one of the leading Cable TV, Internet, and Digital Voice service providers, Time Warner Cable’s regular services are already well recognized and reputable.

Time Warner Cable TV also offers a variety of the best channels in both Spanish and English that can be added to the cable bundle, including HD channels that are available at no extra cost. With your Time Warner Cable TV package you can always stay in touch with what’s happening around the world because your favorite international channels are available, as well as Spanish options that originate within the U.S. That means you never have to wonder what’s going on worldwide, or miss out on your favorite television show.

Premium Channels with Spanish Time Warner Cable

With Time Warner Cable on Demand En Español, customers can pay a little extra per month for popular premium TV channels that come in Spanish. There are six premium channels On Demand from Time Warner Cable Spanish. These six channels are: Univision, Telemundo, Mun2, Univision On Demand, Tr3s, and Galavision.

The Spanish Time Warner Cable App

With the new TWCable TV™ app, Time Warner Spanish has included more than 40 channels that are available for their Spanish-speaking customers. This app has popular Spanish television channels, such as Discovery Spanish, Spanish CNN, Boomerang Spanish, Caracol, and Disney XD in Spanish. However, programming may vary by area, so it is always smart to check to find out which channels will be provided to you in your area before ordering service.

Get the Deal With Time Warner El Paquetazo

One of Time Warner Spanish’ most popular paquetas is Time Warner El Paquetazo, which is a program package that includes El Paquetazo Dos tier, Broadcast TV, Español tier, and more than 30 additional English television networks. Through this package, you can access many of the extremely popular Latino theatricals/novellas. It also includes a variety of family friendly and children’s programming in Spanish, so that your Cable TV experience is suitable for all ages.

Internet Connectivity and Phone Service

Time Warner Cable does more than just cable. Their Internet speeds range from 2 Mbps up to the highest speed of 50 Mbps, and they are brought to you in a variety of different Internet bundles and packages, with prices that vary.

Time Warner Cable also has different phone plans, including a basic National phone plan, where you can call people all across the country as many times as you want for one flat rate per month. They also have international calling plans that aide to either 40-plus different countries, which is the Global Penny Phone Plan, or more than 100 different countries in the International OnePrice Calling Plan. In order to find which international plan would be the best for you, you can talk to Time Warner Cable’s 24/7 Online Representatives who are there to help and answer all your questions about their service options.

As you can see, Spanish Time Warner Cable has a lot to offer Spanish-speaking customers. From great packages of channels, to tons of pricing options, there’s something for everyone.

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