Some DirecTV Packages to Ensure the Best Satellite TV Experience


DirecTV remains the leader in the world of Satellite TV. The robust competition between “DTV” and the Dish Network keep both companies offering great deals in the hope of attracting new customers from each other as well as those migrating from a Cable TV provider.

With that in mind, here is an overview of the typical DirecTV packages available for both new subscribers in addition to current users of the service. Remember that DirecTV also offers a host of other useful add-ons to their service, including the Genie DVR, and NFL fans need to be aware that DTV is still the exclusive provider of the NFL Sunday Ticket out-of-market pay-per-view package. The new contract between the NFL and DirecTV was renewed for eight years in October of last year, so don’t expect Dish, Comcast, or any other provider to have Sunday Ticket any time soon.

An Overview of the Basic DirecTV Packages

DirecTV offers a variety of service tiers for both English and Spanish-speaking customers. This article focuses on the English TV packages, most of which do offer the most popular Spanish channels, including Univision and Telemundo. Like most Digital TV providers, new customers stand to benefit from the best deals — DirecTV typically offers free NFL Sunday Ticket for one season for most new customers — but it is important to pay attention to any contract language that requires a fee for early termination.

Each of the six DirecTV packages offers over 100 channels. From the basic Select package and its more than 130 channels all the way to the top of the line Premier tier and its 285 channels — including all premium movie networks — there is something for every TV watcher and nearly every budget. The four packages in the middle each offer progressively more channels for about $10 more per month.

It is important to note that the monthly fee quoted in your initial deal is probably less than the typical price for each package. In most cases, DirecTV offers a discounted rate for new customers for the first two-year contract period, and the company’s current promotion discounts that monthly fee by an additional ten dollars for the first year. For example, the Premier package typically runs $129 per month, but new customers enjoy a price of $97.99 for the first two years of their service and the current deal discounts the first year of service by an additional $10, making the price $87.99 per month.

Additional Programming Packages from DirecTV

While the Premier package normally includes nearly every channel on DirecTV’s service — with the notable exception of Pay-Per-View sports offerings and adult entertainment channels — the more inexpensive packages don’t include premium movie channels that customers can purchase separately. HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and more are available on an a la carte basis for around $13.99 to $17.99 per month depending on the channel. Sports fans may be interested in the Sports Pack, which includes regional sports networks and some specialty channels, like beIN Sport and more.

The important thing to pay attention to when opting for a cheaper basic package with additional premium channels is to make sure you aren’t paying more per month than by simply getting all the same channels with the Premier package. Also note that the regional sports networks block out any live events that are only available through a pay-per-view sports package, like NHL Center Ice or MLB Extra Innings.

Equipment and Other Perks with Your DirecTV Account

As noted, new DirecTV customers can expect a host of perks with their account, including one year of NFL Sunday Ticket, a “free” Genie DVR upgrade (which also includes an equipment fee), three months of free HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax, and a nominal savings on your monthly package fee. The Genie DVR is a great box which allows multiple TVs in your house to watch different recorded programs in different rooms off the same DVR — a must in households with competing viewing interests. Choosing either the Genie or one of the other HD DVRs gives you access to a host of On Demand content, but the Genie is the only DirecTV DVR that can record five shows at once.

Whatever your DirecTV choice, make sure to read the fine print of your contract for any hidden termination and other fees. Finally, when choosing one of their more inexpensive packages, don’t load up a bunch of premium channels on your account without making sure your monthly bill doesn’t end up higher than just subscribing to the Premier package. Enjoy your viewing!