So Many Choices With Dish Network Packages!

Dish Network Packages

Wondering what Dish Network packages there are and what they offer? Dish Network is the country’s favorite Satellite TV service provider. As such, they offer a variety of packages for every budget and viewing need. From basic packages with 40-plus channels to advanced packages with several hundred channels, Dish has something for everyone. Dish Network offers seven core packages, all with different offerings. Let’s take a look at these packages at what they offer.

Dish Network Packages

Dish Network Welcome Pack

The Welcome Pack is the most basic of Dish Network packages, offering 40-plus channels for $15 a month. This package offers a little something for everyone. The History Channel would be my favorite offering from this package, along with the NASA Channel and TLC. Shoppers in the family have their choice of eleven different shopping channels. Other choices include TBS, CMT, Comedy Central, and TBN. There are even channels for kids, and for the business-minded members of your family, too.

The Smart Pack

The Smart Pack gives you over 55 channels for about $20 a month for the first year, after which it goes up to $25 a month. You get all the same channels as with the Welcome Pack with the addition of Nickelodeon, the Cooking Channel, CBS Sports Network, a variety of inspirational networks, and the Biography Channel. The family inquisitor will love Investigation Discovery, while the whole family will enjoy The Hallmark Channel. As an added incentive, you’ll get Blockbuster @Home, HBO, Cinemax, SHOWTIME, and STARZ free for the first three months.

America’s Top 120

As the name implies, America’s Top 120 nets you 120 of your favorite TV networks, all for $25 a month for the first year. After your introductory year, this package goes up to $45 a month. This package adds favorites like Disney, ESPN, CNN, and Discovery. Dish also throws in the “Hopper,” which is Dish’s whole-house DVR system. The list of channels with this package is quite impressive. It needs to be seen to be believed. For an additional $5 a month, you can add FamilyTime Favorites the Heartland bundle and get 10 more channels (like Rural TV, OWN HD, FRD TV, gmc, PixL, and others) offering 3,000 streaming TV shows and family movies. Blockbuster @Home, HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and Cinemax are also included free for the first three months, along with FREE HD for life.

America’s Top 120 Plus

This package adds channels that the sports buff in the house is going to love. You’ll get Fox Soccer Channel, Pac-12 Networks, FUEL TV, as well as regional sports networks. You’ll get two choices of Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channels with the America’s Top 120 Plus package. Families will love ABC Family and the Lifetime Network. Drama lovers are going to be stuck on TNT all day, since TNT says, “We know drama.” Dish also offers HD FREE for life with this package. You’ll get premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and STARZ free for the first three months, too, as well as Blockbuster @Home.

America’s Top 200

America’s Top 200 is confusingly named because you actually get more than 235 channels with it. Professional sports lovers are going to love the selection here: MLB Network, NFL Network, NBA TV, NHL Network, as well as regional sports channels. Of course, you’ll also get all the great programming that the Top 120 package offers. You get all this for $35 for the first year, after which the price goes up to $60 a month. Additionally, you get the same bonuses (premium channels, etc.) that you’d get with the Top 120, PLUS a free Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR.

America’s Top 250

You’ll actually get more than 260 channels when subscribing to this package, including 17 movie channels, all the programming you’d get with the Top 200, as well as 60 more channels. You’ll also get more than 70 SiriusXM satellite music channels. We can’t forget the subscription bonuses, either. HBO, SHOWTIME, Cinemax, STARZ, and Blockbuster @Home free for three months, HD FREE for life, and the Hopper for free.

America’s “Everything” Pack

This is the “big daddy” of Dish Network packages. Subscribers will receive well over 315 total channels. You’ll get everything from the Top 250, plus 30 commercial-free movie channels. HBO, Cinemax, SHOWTIME, and STARZ are all included as part of the package with the “Everything” Pack. You’ll also get FREE HD for life and the Hopper. Blockbuster @Home is free for the first three months. All this and more is yours when you subscribe to the “Everything” pack for $75 a month for the first year, after which it reverts to the normal price of $105 a month.

All the Dish Network packages and prices mentioned require a two-year contract in order to obtain the sale prices mentioned. You’ll also have to sign up for AutoPay Paperless Billing. Enter your street address in the top-right corner of this page to see what deals are available to you in your area.




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