SnapPower is a One-Stop USB Charger for All Your Mobile Devices


If you looking for an efficient and convenient way to keep your mobile devices and gadgets fully charged, then the SnapPower USB Charger is a top pick. The device is a truly innovative product that provides one-stop recharging while also doing double duty as an outlet to power your appliances.

SnapPower Turns Your Outlets into Built-in USB Charger Ports

SnapPower transforms your standard wall outlets into dual-purpose power sources that let you charge your mobile devices while still being available to be used by standard household appliances. The simple, smart design is sleek with no bulky components and requires no wiring during installation.

SnapPower is compatible with all your mobile devices and will conveniently charge any gadget that relies upon a USB charging port to reboot back up to full power. The product was highlighted on their Kickstarter funding campaign as being compatible to use with any manufacturer’s device such as wearable tech as well as speakers, cameras, smartphones, gadgets, and more.

Installation of SnapPower is simple and does not require professional services. Setup is quick and easy as you only need to remove your current electrical outlet plate and replace it with SnapPower. The unit itself is portable so it can always be removed and replaced with your regular standard electrical outlet plate.

Power Prong Technology is the Driving Source That Charges Your Devices

SnapPower works in conjunction with your electrical outlets by absorbing boosting power from the internal screws located on the back of the outlet plate. The unit uses Power Prong Technology that works by drawing upon the shared electrical charging power that is produced from the source of the outlet.

To better understand how SnapPower works, think of your car’s battery that has two wires connected to the top of battery. The two prongs on SnapPower work in a similar way by absorbing charging power from the screws on the back of your electrical wall outlet. The prongs make contact with the screws, which in turn provides power to charge your mobile devices.

With its innovative design, SnapPower is capable of doing double-duty work. The unit will let you charge and boost your mobile devices at the same time as using other electrical appliances. You can use the USB port to charge your smartphone while also brewing a pot of delicious coffee and toasting English muffins. The outlet can handle USB charging while providing electrical power to appliances simultaneously.

Technical Specifications and Features of SnapPower

The SnapPower outlet cover plate unit provides 1-amp USB charging power for all your mobile devices and gadgets. SnapPower resembles a standard electrical outlet that has a USB charging port located at the bottom of the unit. Style options include compatibility with duplex and d├ęcor outlets.

The one exception regarding compatibility is that the unit cannot be used with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets that are occasionally located in bathrooms. These types of outlets are easily differentiated by their reset and test buttons placed on the cover of the outlet.

Average charging times for your mobile devices will vary depending on the type of product. SnapPower provides some examples of charging times for Apple products that range from about 2 hours for an iPhone 6 up to 8 hours for an iPad Air. These charging times reflect boosting a device that is totally depleted of power up to a fully charged unit.

SnapPower Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

SnapPower had launched a promotional campaign on the crowdsourcing site Kickstarter during March 2015 and surpassed their goal on May 15, 2015. With the support of 18,604 backers, SnapPower managed to acquire $839,301 to fund the development of its innovative product.

Availability of SnapPower for shipment to customers is scheduled for September 2015. At the time of this article, the company was working on pre-production with production sample testing taking place in June 2015 and the initial production run set for June and July 2015.