Smart Plug Technology: 13 Great Features of Zuli


Zuli is a smart plug that can efficiently monitor and control lighting fixtures and other electrical appliances within your home. Zuli can help you save money on overall energy costs and uses efficient Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Check out all the great features of the Zuli smart plug.

Zuli Smart Plug: Dimmer Control

Zuli Smart plug lets you be in charge so you can control the lighting within your home remotely from your smartphone. Choose the smart dimmer function for just the right level of lighting for all types of settings. Zuli is compatible to be used with various types of fixtures including dimmable LEDs as well as halogen and incandescent lighting.

Efficient Timer

When it comes to smart plugs, Zuli is designed to monitor and schedule electrical appliances and lighting fixtures so that they can be automatically turned on or off remotely. There is no need to use those outdated plug-in timers as Zuli is smarter and more efficient at getting the job done.

Tracks Energy Consumption

If you want to save some money on your energy costs, Zuli can help by tracking and monitoring usage. The smart plug can provide you with real time data so you have a better idea as to which devices in your home are using the most energy.

Automatic Detection

This is a great feature especially when you come home after a long day at work. Zuli will automatically sense your presence and arrival and will turn on selected lighting fixtures even if your hands are full with shopping bags.

Customized Settings

Zuli will let you choose personalized settings for a truly customized experience. Whether you want to set the smart plug to automatically turn on your big screen TV or the air conditioner to cool your home during warmer weather, the device can be adapted with its adjustable setting features.

Unused Device Detection

A smart plug like Zuli is intelligent enough to detect when electrical appliances, devices, and lighting fixtures can be turned off in unoccupied rooms. We all may forget to turn off appliances and devices at some point and this is where Zuli can save you money and lower your energy costs.

Access Sharing

The Zuli Smartplug is user friendly so you can let your friends and family use the device when you provide them with shared access. You still have full control on your Zuli device and can designate just how long you want to provide others with access to the smart plug.

Global Controls Option

If you are lounging on your cozy sofa while watching TV, you don’t need to get up to go downstairs to the family room to turn off devices or other electrical appliances. The global controls feature provided by Zuli gives you added comfort so that you can easily switch off lighting fixtures in other areas of your home regardless of your location.

Bluetooth Mesh Network Range

When you use 3 or more Zuli Smartplugs, the devices will create an extended monitoring range. This set up forms a Bluetooth mesh network that works by allowing each of the smart plugs to communicate with each other during usage.

Secure 128-Bit Encryption

During usage, your Zuli Smartplug is protected by standard encryption technology. The only individuals that can access Zuli will be authorized consumers that have purchased and are using the device or those that they have granted shared access to.

Efficient Bluetooth Low Energy

Zuli utilizes the smart technology of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) as the choice for centralized networking. BLE is compatible with mobile devices including your smart phone. BLE is energy efficient and only uses about 5 percent of your battery’s power.

Universal Compatibility

The Zuli device was designed to be compatible with universal standard 120V electrical outlets. The smart plug can monitor and provide automated control for electrical appliances and devices up to a range of 1800W. Dimming capabilities can control lighting within a range up to 300W.

Free Downloadable Zuli App

All you need to get started with Zuli is to download the free app onto your smartphone. Zuli is currently compatible for usage with the iOS operating system and iPhones (versions 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, and 4S). The company is currently working on developing a version of the app that will be compatible with Android 4.3 and later operating systems.