Smart Person’s Guide on How to Buy Cable TV


“How do I buy Cable TV intelligently?” That’s a question I’m often asked because people know I write about Cable TV options quite a bit. Helping people decide which company and package to use is one of our primary goals here at Digital Landing, and as such, we’ve put together quite a library of informative articles on the subject. Instead of making you spend lots of time searching for all of them, however, I’m going to list a majority of them right here.

We’ve got articles that talk about groups of providers as well as articles on individual providers which I will link you to. Our Home Entertainment section is chock-full of informative articles about everything in home entertainment, so I’m going to work whittle that list down from those mentioning apps, equipment, and Satellite providers and just focus on the Cable TV stuff.

Buy Cable TV by Region

I’ve found out that although a Cable provider may have a national presence and buy ads for a national audience, they usually have special offers by city or region. We’ve put together a number of articles dealing with specific cities and regions, and are working on more. Looking to buy Cable TV in the Boston area? Check out this article by my friend Paul Williams. The Home Entertainment section is filled with similar articles, unfortunately, due to space constraints, I can’t list them all here.

Buy Cable TV by State

Earlier this year we did a series of articles on Cable providers by state, listing what providers are available in individual states, along with some of their offerings. The main page listing those can be found here, We’ve covered every state, from Massachusetts to California. Every state is covered, so if I didn’t list your state, you just need to click through the list until you find it. I’d love to list them all for you here, but I’m constrained by space.

Buy Cable TV from Smaller Regional Providers

Almost everyone has heard of the major players in the Cable TV market with a national presence. However, there may be times when these guys either don’t cover the area you’re in, or they don’t offer packages that appeal to you. This is where learning about the offerings from the smaller companies is helpful. We’ve taken care of that, too. If you live near Palmerton, Pennsylvania, you might want to check out Blue Ridge Communications. Looking to buy Cable TV somewhere on the Atlantic Seaboard? Well then, Atlantic Broadband may be the company for you, while New Englanders may want to look into Fairpoint Communications.

What about those of my readers looking for Cable services in the New York Tri-State area? Cablevision is an excellent choice that is highly rated for streaming by Netflix. For those living in the Minnesota or Dakotas neighborhood, you might want to look into Midcontinent Communications. My research has shown them to be highly rated, and my son says they’re excellent, as well. Again, taking a few minutes on the Home Entertainment main page can dig up a treasure trove of information.

Shop for Cable Services by Checking Promotions

My buddy Tyler wrote about Comcast promotions not long ago. While his article was directed mainly at new and prospective Comcast customers, he mentions some things that are helpful for anyone shopping for Cable services. His most important hint is to look into bundles and shop online. Quite often the Cable providers will offer sales and promotions online that you can’t get by calling their sales department.

Your best option is to whittle your list down to a few providers and then contact them both by phone and through their web portal. This is true because there are times when the phone sales department will have better promotions that what’s available online. This is rare, but if you’re looking to save money, it behooves you to shop around and do the little bit of extra research. When you play both ends against the middle, you have a better chance of getting the package and price that are best for your needs.

With any luck I was able to hook you up with some content here on Digital Landing that will help you buy Cable TV services more efficiently and save a bundle of money. If this article was helpful, I’d love to read about it in the comments. Also, if I missed something, bring it up in the comments and we’ll address it as soon as we can.