Smart Appliances

Smart Appliances

For a couple decades, there wasn't much progress in the home appliance world. But now, these smart appliances that connect your oven, refrigerator or washer and dryer to the Internet through Wi-Fi connections can help you save money and have a more energy-efficient home. As home appliance companies begin to create more smart appliances, people will discover many more ways they're helped by technology.

Wake Smart Alarm Wakes You Up Without Disturbing Your Partner

Don't you hate being awakened in the middle of your dreams by the sound of your partner's alarm going off? Thankfully, this annoying occurrence will soon become a thing of the past with the perfect smart home accessory, the Wakē smart alarm clock.

Lowe’s Iris Home Automation Kits

The Lowe's Iris home automation kit has hit the market. Of course, it's only available from Lowe's Home Improvement stores. You'll get all the...

HIRIS Brings Gesture Control to Wearables

Video games like XBox have had gesture control for a little while now. HIRIS brings it to a wearable and it's fantastic.The HIRIS Wearable Computer lets you use gestures to control smartphone apps. Let's wander over and check it out!

7 of the Best New Smart Home Products

Are you ready for the coming wave of new smart home products that meet real needs instead of just offering superfluous digital additions? Here are the most practical solutions hitting the market and what they can do for you. Whirlpool Smart Washer and...

Water Heater Automation: Ready for Smarter Water?

Water heaters are strange beasts in the world of home automation: They tend to rely on older sensors and plumbing to work, making it difficult to give them smart features. But the market is starting to change that with water heater automation products ...

Lono Smart Sprinkler System Keeps Plants Happy, Saves Money

If you are looking for a smart sprinkler system that will nourish your plants and lawn while saving you money at the same time, then Lono is the answer. The smart sprinkler provides...

Top Smart Kitchen Gadgets Coming Soon

Thanks to the "Internet of Things," the dream of having a truly smart kitchen is finally coming true. Our article covers the top six kitchen gadgets that are coming soon, that will be fully connected and feature wireless connectivity and remote control

Manage Your Sleep Patterns to Sleep Better

What if I told you you could analyze your own sleep patterns and get a better night's sleep? You can. Read how.

Is Insteon a Reliable Automation System?

Insteon advertises its home automation and security product line as being more reliable than all others on the market. Most home automation systems utilize...

The Darma Smart Cushion: Your Sitting Coach and Guide

Who would have ever thought that a seat cushion would be smart enough to tell us that our posture is bad and that we need to stand up, stretch and take a break? The Darma Smart Cushion not only alerts you to bad sitting habits, but it also tracks and ...