Home Security

Home Security

Protecting your family and your property should be the most important thing in your life, which is why there is such a great demand for Home Security products. With Wi-Fi connectivity, a lot of current Home Security options are not just cheaper than expected, but also much more convenient and useful than they were a decade ago.

StoneTether: A Tracking Device for Kids, Keys, and Belongings

Stay connected with the StoneTether tracking device for kids, keys, and belongings. Keeping your kids, pets and personal items safe and secure is easy with the StoneTether. When you misplace or lose something or are worried about where your children...

A Home Automation Guide for the Holidays and Beyond

Here's a home automation guide to help you see what devices make sense in your home for the New Year. The prices of home automation hubs and devices continue to fall, allowing almost everyone to add HA functionality to their house, condo, or apartment.

GoKey is More Than Just a Keychain Finder

Do you lose or misplace your keys or phone on a regular basis? Read on about how GoKey can solve these problems for you, as more than just a keychain finder.

Security Systems for Homes in the Digital Era

The advent of the "Internet of Things" where seemingly every home appliance offers Web connectivity as a feature has shaken up the world of home security, making it easier to build your own system as part of a DIY home automation installation.

Supercharge Your Digital Smart Home with IFTTT

If you want to get the most out of your burgeoning digital smart home or your online life in general, you need to check out IFTTT. It's a web service that allows you to link other web services through the use a small, simple programs called recipes.

Sandbox Home: An Affordable and Easy to Use Security Solution

The Sandbox Home security system is another easy to use and configure security solution for your home, business, or apartment. One of the main reasons I'm given for not having a security system installed is the cost, with "it's too hard to use" ...

XFINITY Home: A Total Smart Home Monitoring System

If you are looking for a Smart Home security system that does more than just keep intruders out, Comcast's XFINITY Home system will fit the bill. With the convenience of remote, mobile access and monitoring, you can protect your home and also make it ...

Recycle Your iPod into a Security Camera

Recycle your iPod touch into a small, portable, security camera with motion sensing and instant video tweet ability.

Smart Home Security from Canary

Smart home security has been the goal of a number of companies over the past few years. We've had home security systems for decades. We've also had smart home technology for a little over a decade. Canary has merged...

DIY Security: Novi Offers the Ideal Apartment-Friendly Device

Smart security systems, with their impressive array of sensors and smartphone-ready apps, do have one issue: Few are created with the smaller apartment or loft in mind, where landlord rules and a lack of space render many security systems inapplicable....