Home Energy

Home Energy

Whether it's electric, gas, solar or any other forms of home energy, people usually agree that they want the most reliable, cost-effective and environmentally safe forms that they can get. Heating and cooling a home, while not worrying about brown-outs and other issues, is necessary in most of the country. What kind of home energy are you using – and are there better options that you just don't know about yet?

D-Link’s Wi-Fi Smart Plug: Worth Plugging In?

D-Link has come out with its second Wi-Fi smart plug, a device that lets you automate outlets around your home. Compared to the other devices on the market, this latest D-Link offering is very competitive, so take a look if you have been wanting some...

Smart Light Bulbs Help You Save Money

Our phones are getting smarter. Our thermostats, as well as the rest of our houses, are getting smarter. Cars are smart enough for some functions to be operated by voice command. Why can't we have a smart light bulb?

Reduce Energy Consumption Using Technology

How to reduce energy consumption is a topic of intense debate. It's also a topic of intense confusion. "I can reduce the amount of energy I consume at home by installing solar power." I've heard people tell me they wanted to conserve energy by installing

Smart Surge Protector Shopping

To most people surge protector are a multi-purpose device that gives you additional electrical outlets and offers protection to all of your favorite equipment. However, that isn't always the truth. There are power strips – which provide you with...

Myths About Converting Your Home to Solar Energy

Have you been considering converting your home to solar energy, but have been hesitant because the rumors you've heard about solar energy? Our article dispels the myths and provides the facts as you consider your options for going solar.

Sensibo: Get a Smart Air Conditioner

Indiegogo is trying to making heating and cooling your house a lot easier with a smart air conditioner. The company's latest device, called Sensibo, sets out to make your air conditioner, smarter, simpler, and more willing than ever to save you money.

Why Ikea’s LED Light Bulbs Are Better

For the past century or so, we've grown accustomed to using incandescent bulbs in our house or even at workplace. Only in the past...

Reduce Energy Consumption Using Tech Gadgets

To reduce energy consumption while still remaining connected is the Holy Grail these days. The tech industry has been stepping up to the plate recently with smart meters and home automation features and products. You can buy individual pieces of tech or i

Vivint Sky: Next-Generation Smart Home Automation

Vivint has been dabbling in the home automation market for some time now with its security cameras and other simple DIY hardware that lets you control your locks, open your garage doors, and sense smoke or break-ins. Now Vivint Sky is preparing to upgrade

7 Great Wireless Lighting Solutions for Any Room

Light switches are stuck in the past: Wireless lighting is the future. The goal of the latest wireless light brands is to create a system of lights throughout your house that you can turn on or off with the nearest mobile device – usually your tablet or s