Home Energy

Home Energy

Whether it's electric, gas, solar or any other forms of home energy, people usually agree that they want the most reliable, cost-effective and environmentally safe forms that they can get. Heating and cooling a home, while not worrying about brown-outs and other issues, is necessary in most of the country. What kind of home energy are you using – and are there better options that you just don't know about yet?

Energy Efficiency with Lutron Remote Control Window Shades

Smart home automation options for consumers in search of stylish window coverings includes energy efficient Lutran Remote Control Window Shades. No longer will you need to get up from the comfort of your couch to raise or lower your window shades. It ...

Smart Surge Protector Shopping

To most people surge protector are a multi-purpose device that gives you additional electrical outlets and offers protection to all of your favorite equipment. However, that isn't always the truth. There are power strips – which provide you with...

Constellation Energy: Modern Utilities for the Modern Home

Home utilities, like gas and power, often operate on the pay-and-forget model. You get a check and you pay it off each month. If...

All About LED Lighting

LED lighting is becoming more and more popular for a variety of reasons these days. LED lights last longer. They also consume far less energy than either fluorescent or incandescent bulbs and they give off almost no heat...

New Comcast Plans and the Exciting Convergence of Services

The new Comcast diversification may actually increase competition among service providers and give buyers more interesting package options.

7 Great Wireless Lighting Solutions for Any Room

Light switches are stuck in the past: Wireless lighting is the future. The goal of the latest wireless light brands is to create a system of lights throughout your house that you can turn on or off with the nearest mobile device – usually your tablet or s

Sunny With a Chance of Netatmo Weather Station Product Line

The Netatmo Weather Station is just the tip of the iceberg of the Netatmo product line. Read further to find out about their integrated weather reporting system as well as their conencted Wi-Fi smart thermostat and Welcome, their cool camera device.

Solar Panels Replace Emergency Generators

If you want to install a source of emergency power for use during power failures, solar power is a viable alternative to buying an...

Keen Home’s New Smart Vent System Makes Heating and Cooling Easier

A brief overview of the new Smart Vent from Keen Home, providing details on this latest smart home accessory that uses the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and smart sensors to recirculate the air in homes to lower heating and cooling costs.

Playbulb Candle: Innovative, Unique and Fun

Check out the clever and ingenious Playbulb Candle that uses Smart LED technology and provides hours of amusing entertainment. The product is portable for mobile-minded users on the go and can provide a rainbow of gorgeous colors and special effects...