Home Energy

Home Energy

Whether it's electric, gas, solar or any other forms of home energy, people usually agree that they want the most reliable, cost-effective and environmentally safe forms that they can get. Heating and cooling a home, while not worrying about brown-outs and other issues, is necessary in most of the country. What kind of home energy are you using – and are there better options that you just don't know about yet?

Smart Surge Protector Shopping

To most people surge protector are a multi-purpose device that gives you additional electrical outlets and offers protection to all of your favorite equipment. However, that isn't always the truth. There are power strips – which provide you with...

Tempo Environmental Monitor Uses Bluetooth Smart Technology

The Tempo Environmental Monitor by BlueMaestro is a sleek, smart device that can sense, track and monitor data both indoors and outdoors using innovative Bluetooth Smart technology.

Programmable Thermostats: ‘Cool’ in More Ways Than One

There are some technologies that get plenty of attention in the media, such as just about every new Apple product, but there are many...

Myths About Converting Your Home to Solar Energy

Have you been considering converting your home to solar energy, but have been hesitant because the rumors you've heard about solar energy? Our article dispels the myths and provides the facts as you consider your options for going solar.

Smart Plug Technology: 13 Great Features of Zuli

Zuli is a smart plug that can efficiently monitor and control lighting fixtures and other electrical appliances within your home. Zuli can help you saving money on overall energy costs and uses efficient Bluetooth...

Reduce Energy Consumption Using Tech Gadgets

To reduce energy consumption while still remaining connected is the Holy Grail these days. The tech industry has been stepping up to the plate recently with smart meters and home automation features and products. You can buy individual pieces of tech or i

Constellation Energy: Modern Utilities for the Modern Home

Home utilities, like gas and power, often operate on the pay-and-forget model. You get a check and you pay it off each month. If...

Get Home Automation Sprinkler Control with the Blossom Smart Watering System

The Blossom Smart Watering System works with intelligent weather data to provide consumers with home automation sprinkler control for their lawns, plants, and flowers in 12 growing zones. Blossom continually ...

Bidgely Tells How Much Energy You Use & Where

Do you know how much energy you use in your house? More importantly, do you know exactly where that energy goes? A new series...

The ChargeAll Portable Power Outlet Fits in Your Pocket

The ChargeAll portable power outlet is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, but powerful enough to fully charge a laptop. Read on for more info and where to buy.