Smart Home

Smart Home

An automated home can help do several things for you and your family. A Smart Home will protect you by keeping you notified with a great Home Security system. Or you'll be able to turn on and off appliances and lights with timers, and with mobile apps on your smartphones or tablets. Your air conditioning and heating can also be controlled, with a thermostat that's connected to Wi-Fi also. Getting your house outfitted as a Smart Home is a great way to save money, keep your home energy efficient, and protect your family and property.

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Internet Security More Important For the Digital Smart Home

It's great to keep an eye on your house remotely using a video camera over the Internet, but are you hurting your Internet security, by creating an easy pathway for cyber criminals looking to hack into your home?

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The new LG smart watch has debuted. It's called the Urbane. Reviews for it are mixed, but mostly positive. Of course, no matter how awesome a product is, there's almost no way that there won't be shortcomings and detractors.