Smart Home

Smart Home

An automated home can help do several things for you and your family. A Smart Home will protect you by keeping you notified with a great Home Security system. Or you'll be able to turn on and off appliances and lights with timers, and with mobile apps on your smartphones or tablets. Your air conditioning and heating can also be controlled, with a thermostat that's connected to Wi-Fi also. Getting your house outfitted as a Smart Home is a great way to save money, keep your home energy efficient, and protect your family and property.

Unified Threat Management — Now for your Digital Smart Home

Unified Threat Management -- better known as UTM -- is an overall term for an enterprise level Internet security solution currently leveraged by businesses. The growth of the Internet of Things is now making UTM a possibility for the home network.

Home Automation Tools: Flic Smart Wireless Button

Within the category of smart home automation tools, the Flic Smart Wireless Button is an innovative device that works in conjunction with your mobile device and a downloaded app. You can use Flic to integrate and control actions such as listening to music

Reduce Energy Consumption Using Technology

How to reduce energy consumption is a topic of intense debate. It's also a topic of intense confusion. "I can reduce the amount of energy I consume at home by installing solar power." I've heard people tell me they wanted to conserve energy by installing

Top 5 Smartphone Door Lock Apps

Smart locks are one of the latest trends in "smart home" products. Most smart locks use an Android or IOS smartphone door lock app to control use of the lock, allowing guest entry to friends, family or contractors, giving detailed information on who uses

Wink Takes the Home Automation Market by Storm

The home automation market is set to be taken by storm, by a Wink. The Wink Relay is the first home automation touch screen control panel for the do it yourself market. Sure, you can call me up and have me install a touchscreen controller from Crestron...

LittleBits Smart Kit Lets You Build Your Own Smart Devices

LittleBits has a fascinating and unique approach to home automation: Supply customers with a smart kit that holds the parts they need, and help them build their own smart devices. It's a module-based approach that works amazingly well, especially if...

A Closer Look at the GE Alarm System

The GE alarm system, the GE Interlogix Simon series, is a convenient home security system that will add a whole new level of safety...

Best Wearable Tech for 2015

The best wearable tech around currently resides in some excellent watches and fitness bands that are moving far beyond basic functionality and offering you real control, data access, and everyday sensor benefits. Interested in what products are making...

Save Smartly with This Truly Smart Piggy Bank

Meet a truly smart piggy bank. The Quirky Porkfolio can make learning how to save and manage money fun.I didn't have a smart piggy bank when I was growing up. In fact, except for my coin collection, I wasn't able to hold onto money for very long when ...

Security Alarm Systems Deliver Peace of Mind

Security alarm systems can bring peace of mind to homeowners in a variety of affordable ways. They can be ├╝ber-high technology affairs, or they...