Smart Home

Smart Home

An automated home can help do several things for you and your family. A Smart Home will protect you by keeping you notified with a great Home Security system. Or you'll be able to turn on and off appliances and lights with timers, and with mobile apps on your smartphones or tablets. Your air conditioning and heating can also be controlled, with a thermostat that's connected to Wi-Fi also. Getting your house outfitted as a Smart Home is a great way to save money, keep your home energy efficient, and protect your family and property.

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We've been hearing the term "smart home" for the past few years and it has actually meant a few different things to different people....

6 New Smart Home Products Introduced at CES 2015

There were so many new smart home products announced at CES 2015 that they dedicated a whole pavilion to them. Here are a few of my favorites, and I think you'll agree that there's a need for most of them.

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Over 50 million Americans have difficulty getting a good night's rest.Luna aims to change this with a smart bed mattress cover that's designed to give users a better night's sleep. Learn more with our overview of this new product.

Verizon Home Automation Software Features

The popularity of home automation software has increased dramatically in the last few years with the rise of compatible smartphone, tablet and PC technologies...

Internet of Things Applications Need Security to Attract Customers

With seemingly every new piece of consumer technology capable of Internet access, the age of the "Internet of Things" appears to be upon us, but security issues are a main reason some are holding off on a new wireless HA system or thermostat.

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Smart Light Bulbs Help You Save Money

Our phones are getting smarter. Our thermostats, as well as the rest of our houses, are getting smarter. Cars are smart enough for some functions to be operated by voice command. Why can't we have a smart light bulb?

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Lately, it seems like the tech news space is being overrun with the latest on the Internet of Things. Will we soon have to worry about our microwaves and refrigerators conspiring to let hackers access our home networks?

Wake Smart Alarm Wakes You Up Without Disturbing Your Partner

Don't you hate being awakened in the middle of your dreams by the sound of your partner's alarm going off? Thankfully, this annoying occurrence will soon become a thing of the past with the perfect smart home accessory, the Wakē smart alarm clock.