Smart Home

Smart Home

An automated home can help do several things for you and your family. A Smart Home will protect you by keeping you notified with a great Home Security system. Or you'll be able to turn on and off appliances and lights with timers, and with mobile apps on your smartphones or tablets. Your air conditioning and heating can also be controlled, with a thermostat that's connected to Wi-Fi also. Getting your house outfitted as a Smart Home is a great way to save money, keep your home energy efficient, and protect your family and property.

Sensibo: Get a Smart Air Conditioner

Indiegogo is trying to making heating and cooling your house a lot easier with a smart air conditioner. The company's latest device, called Sensibo, sets out to make your air conditioner, smarter, simpler, and more willing than ever to save you money.

Comcast XFINITY Home Automation Another Option for Smart Home Control

Many TV providers are trying to capitalize on the growing market for Home Automation. Not to be left behind in the battle for customers, Comcast is also getting in the game with XFINITY Home Automation.

The Smart Nest Protect Smoke Alarm Thinks and Talks

The Nest Protect Smoke Alarm is a multi-functional unit that monitors more than potential levels of smoke and carbon monoxide. As a smart device that can think, speak to users and communicate early warnings ...

6 Voice Command Choices for Your High-Tech Home

These apps and hardware options allowed you to command home automation devices like lights, TV, heat and more.

7 Great WeMo Wall Switch Facts

Belkin's WeMo Wall Switch appeared on home automation websites around mid-2013, when it offered a DIY-friendly alternative to home light control. Belkin's goal with the...

New Comcast Plans and the Exciting Convergence of Services

The new Comcast diversification may actually increase competition among service providers and give buyers more interesting package options.

‘Works with Nest’ FAQ: Google’s Smart Home Plans

Google is hard at work expanding its Nest program, turning it into one of the most interconnected, complex smart home systems around. If you are a fan of Google products and want to adopt more home automation, it's time to learn more about the big plan...

Smart Home Lighting Automation Device Mimics the Sun

If you have been looking for an innovative way to recreate the natural vibrancy of the sun within your own living space, then check out the Sunn Light. As a smart home lighting automation product, the Sunn Light will provide your environment with heighten

5 New Smart Home Products You Should Know About

Check out these five new smart home products that can help simplify and secure your life.

What to Look for in a Home Alarm System

A home alarm system is supposed to bring homeowners peace of mind, not headaches and trouble. If you're in the market for a home...