Smart Home

Smart Home

An automated home can help do several things for you and your family. A Smart Home will protect you by keeping you notified with a great Home Security system. Or you'll be able to turn on and off appliances and lights with timers, and with mobile apps on your smartphones or tablets. Your air conditioning and heating can also be controlled, with a thermostat that's connected to Wi-Fi also. Getting your house outfitted as a Smart Home is a great way to save money, keep your home energy efficient, and protect your family and property.

10 Great Smart Home Gifts for Mom

Mother's Day is quickly approaching and to show them that you appreciate them get them something that is appropriate for them. We've looked through a variety of items to come up with smart home gifts, tech gifts and on-the go gifts that are perfect for ..

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What's the best wearable tech that was introduced at CES 2015? Wearables have been growing in popularity the past few years at CES. What started as a trickle of products has grown into a veritable flood.

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We live in an age of uncertainty where, for all our advancements and cautions, bad things still happen to loved ones. It's not unrealistic...

This Smart Camera Can Enhance Your Peace of Mind

The Kuna Smart Camera can help you achieve that goal of everyone-peace of mind. To be honest, any camera, when properly installed and used can do that. We're seeing more and more of this type of camera lately, though.

5 Home Security Systems with Cameras to Check Out

Home security systems with cameras deliver an increased level of security that systems without cameras can't give you. Any house can be broken into. Having video surveillance of at least the obvious points of entry will deter most burglars.

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The Brio Safe Outlet looks unlike any other device on the market and takes the lead for innovative genius when it comes to providing consumers with an electrical outlet that does not need covers to...

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With the Internet of Things and Home Automation trends sweeping the consumer tech world, you are probably wondering -- should I call a vendor or is a Home Automation DIY setup the way to go?

SmartThings Home Security Just Got Better

The SmartThings home security kit brings home security and peace of mind to anyone with a mobile device. Home security is a very misunderstood marketplace. Consumers feel they have to bring in an expensive contractor (like me) to get decent security ...

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Something that may tip the scales for smartwatches is video streaming. With the growing speculation over the Apple Watch, which is due to be released later this year and the plethora of smartwatches displayed at CES 2015 ...

Smart Childcare: Modern Solutions for New Parents

Smart childcare is a growing field that offers high-tech devices for infants and their new parents. From managing feeding and entertainment to offering protection and digital potty training, these products offer all sorts of solutions for modern parents –