Smart Home Lighting Automation Device Mimics the Sun


If you have been looking for an innovative way to recreate the natural vibrancy of the sun within your own living space, then check out the Sunn Light. As a smart home lighting automation product, the Sunn Light will provide your environment with heightened levels of brightness and vibrancy that reflect the natural rhythm and cycle of the sun throughout the day and evening hours.

Home Lighting Automation: Sunn Light Brings Nature Inside

What can be better than recreating nature and bringing in the warm light produced by the sun? During the winter months when daylight hours are in short supply or when the skies are cloudy and overcast, brightening up your environment is as simple as downloading an app onto your iOS or Android device, and adjusting the level of brightness on your installed Sunn Light to reproduce the natural vibrancy of the sun.

The creator of the Sunn Light designed the device to mimic the vibrant and uplifting brightness produced by the sun, which helps to keep your body’s circadian system in check during daily activities and while resting and sleeping. Substantial levels of daily sunshine can affect the body in a positive way by producing more restful sleep at night, which can in turn lead to higher levels of energy during the daytime hours.

Personalized Sunn Light App Options

As a Home Lighting Automation device, the Sunn Light offers consumers several personalized options available through their downloaded apps. Whether you want an app to help you wake up in the morning or an app to help ease you into a restful sleep at night, the choices provide options to make adjustments based on your individual needs and where you live.

The Sunn Alarm app will help to gently nudge you out of bed early in the morning without the need for loud alarms. The app recreates the ever brightening light produced by the sun early in the day, which provides a more natural environment for waking the body and getting the day started.

The Sunn Dial app option is a great choice for those times when you need to make adjustments to the natural levels of lighting. When situations arise such as a change in your sleeping or work schedule, the Sunn Dial App will create levels of lighting that are normally produced during an earlier or later period within the day.

Use the Sunn Sync app to adjust the level of illumination to provide lighting that corresponds with the time of day and your location. The effect will emanate the levels of natural light that are naturally produced by the sun, which in turn works in sync with your body’s cyclical rhythms and day-to-day activities.

To help recreate the effect of the natural lighting conditions at bedtime, the Ember Fade app will help your body to relax in preparation for restful sleep. The effect is similar to the decreased levels of light produced by a soothing sunset or the warmth of timber wood logs within your fireplace.

The Moon Glow app provides you with just enough brightness to light your way if you need to get up during the nighttime hours. The level of illumination is sufficient enough to shine a light for you to see without being overly intense so that you will be able to get back to sleep quicker and more naturally.

Technical Specs, Features, and Warranty

Consumers can choose between two sizes when purchasing the product. Technical specs for the product include the smaller Sunn model that measures in at 19 inches in diameter with a weight of 6 lbs. The larger Sunn Plus model comes in at 24 inches in diameter with a weight of 8 lbs. As Home Lighting Automation devices, both versions measure 3.5 inches in depth.

The outer casing of the Sunn Light is constructed of a smooth, acrylic-based material that helps promote more consistent levels of illumination as the light is distributed throughout the day and evening hours. Consumers will use the downloaded Sunn apps in conjunction with Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) wireless technology for connectivity and personalizing the light levels based on their location.

The Sunn Light was designed to be cost effective and efficient and will provide consumers with savings over more traditional lighting that uses more energy and costs more to operate. The device is rated to use only 105 lumens per watt and will provide consumers with savings in the range of $50 (Sunn Light) to $90 (Sunn Light Plus) over the course of one year of usage.

Consumers will appreciate the 5-year limited warranty that comes with the Sunn Light product. Not too many products on the market provide this level of customer backed satisfaction from a warranty. The company will provide free shipping to customers within the USA. Those that have the product shipped to other regions will pay for international shipping expenses.

Availability and Shipping Schedule

The Sunn Light successfully promoted their product through a funding campaign on Kickstarter and surpassed their funding goals on December 20, 2014. At the time of this article, the Sunn Light had received the support of 459 backers that had pledged $117,106 to financially fund the project.

Consumers eager to bring a little sunshine into their lives can pre-order the Sunn Light directly on the company’s website. The estimated timeline for availability and delivery of the Sunn Light product is scheduled for April 2015.