Smart Choices: XFINITY Comcast

Xfinity Comcast

XFINITY Comcast is a revolutionary way to catch up on missed episodes of your favorite shows and movies online keeps getting better. It is also Comcast’s Cable TV service. Full access to the myriad benefits of XFINITY TV comes with your Comcast subscription. Limited access to everything it has to offer is available even to non-Comcast subscribers when accessed via the XFINITY webpage, although “limited” is used pretty loosely here. Additionally, Comcast subscribers can take XFINITY on the go with their mobile devices. With all this talk about watching TV on mobile devices and catching up on back episodes of programming favorites, one might forget that XFINITY is what Comcast calls their overall Cable TV service.

XFINITY Started as a Cable TV Service Offering

The cable industry has started giving a name to their services. If you’re a customer of Comcast’s Cable TV service, whether or not you have the Internet service or a mobile device, you’re also a Comcast XFINITY customer. XFINITY sounds better than Comcast Cable TV because it gives the notion of infinite programming choices, which the service provides. Customers have the option of choosing from a variety of packages that offer basic, upgraded, digital, and premium-type programming.

XFINITY Comcast Remote

XFINITY Comcast Online

Since it’s a webpage/website, Comcast’s XFINITY doesn’t require a TV. All it requires is a computer and a relatively fast Internet connection (which you can also get through Comcast). Subscriber or not, all you have to do is log onto the site with your free account, and start enjoying a world of entertaining television and movie programming.

Catch up on back episodes of series you’ve just discovered, or episodes of your favorite series that you missed when company came over. Or, you can bring up the site in a browser window, minimize it to half your desktop and keep working in the other half of your desktop, like I’m doing right now. Whether you’re a fan of “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Wanderlust,” “The Vampire Diaries,” or dozens of others, XFINITY Comcast makes sure you never miss an episode, or if you do, that you can catch up quickly and easily.

Your free XFINITY membership doesn’t give you access to all the programming that is possible. However, there are premium memberships available to non-Comcast subscribers that will give you access to almost everything that Comcast carries. For approximately $5 a month, Comcast subscribers can also access XFINITY Streampix, which adds a whole new dimension to the XFINITY TV viewing experience. Even better, if you’re already a Comcast subscriber, it may be included in your subscription package.

Additionally, Comcast subscribers can use the XFINITY web app to manage their accounts online. You can check your balance, see when your next bill is due and how much it is, and schedule payments. You can also check email and voicemail through the site.

And then there’s XFINITY Home and Voice, but those are best left for another time. Let’s move on to the XFINTITY TV mobile app.

Take XFINITY on the Go with You

With XFINITY, Comcast has given customers the ability to watch TV on the go with their mobile device. With some provisos, you will have access to everything you’d have access to at home and all you need is an Internet connection of appropriate speed. Wi-Fi is recommended, but 3G and 4G will also work.

XFINITY TV for Android

With the XFINITY TV for Android app, not only can you watch most of your favorite shows on your Android mobile device, but you can use the device as a second remote control for your tuner/DVR. You can also remotely control the DVR to record and erase programs from anywhere in the world, as long as you have that all important Internet connection.

With just a few taps, you can browse the Comcast/XFINITY TV listings and pick a show to watch, including On Demand programming and premium channels, like HBO, STARZ, and SHOWTIME. The On Demand library has thousands of movies and shows available for instant streaming to your device. Users can also filter content by genre, network, HD, and free. Parents can even filter out content they consider inappropriate.

Users will need a valid Comcast/XFINITY username (or email address) and password. To use the app as a remote control, you will need compatible set-top equipment. The XFINITY TV Android app is compatible with most devices running Android 2.2 and higher, however there are some issues with non-name brand tablets.

XFINITY TV for Apple Devices

I just bought a 4thGen Apple iPod Touch. Since it will come with a later version of the iOS than 4.3, it should be compatible with the XFINITY TV app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Once it arrives, I will have three different ways to access the XFINITY TV programming, my laptop, my Android tablet (limited because it’s an off-brand device), and then my new iPod Touch.

The app will let current Comcast customers have full control over their set-top box and/or DVR from the app. They’ll be able to change channels and set all functions of the DVR, if they have one. Parents will also be able to filter out inappropriate content and set parental controls. Content can also be filtered by genre, network, and a variety of other criteria.

All the requirements of the Android app are in effect. According to the App page, Scientific Atlanta set-top boxes aren’t supported yet, but they’re working on that deficiency.

Just enter your street address into the top-right corner of this page to see what deals on XFINITY Comcast are being offered in your area.

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