Smart Childcare: Modern Solutions for New Parents


Smart childcare is a growing field that offers high-tech devices for infants and their new parents. From managing feeding and entertainment to offering protection and digital potty training, these products offer all sorts of solutions for modern parents — and those looking for the perfect baby shower gift.


Sleevely is a monitor device designed to fit around baby bottles and track feeding. Download the app, put the bottle in the sleeve, and it will monitor the temperature and quantity of baby formula that you use. You can track meals, follow meal trends, and make sure babies get enough food at the right times. The sleeve fits a variety of bottles, is dishwasher safe, and works via batteries.


The iPotty is exactly what it sounds like — a toilet trainer that uses an iPad to help a young child feel more comfortable around the toilet. The iPad stand can be rotated in whatever direction you want to help entertain kids, increase their focus, and in general make potty training as easy as it can be. The iPotty comes with a removable inner bowl for easier cleaning, as well as (breathe a sigh of relief) a full touchscreen cover for the iPad to protect it from leaks, spills, and messy fingers.


The Itzbeen baby care timer is an ideal device for new parents who want an all-in-one nursery device that can help keep track of naps, diaper changes, feedings, and any medications that may be necessary. These trackers may be particularly welcome for exhausted parents managing their new baby schedules. If another devices feels like too much of a burden, consider searching the app stores for baby nursing and tracking apps, which exist in multiple forms across all the popular operating systems and offer similar features.
Blue Maestro - Smart Childcare


Pacifi is a “smart pacifier” from It functions primarily as a normal pacifier, but with a few smart childcare extras. A sensor monitors temperature so that parents can quickly check temperature fluctuations on their phones. This can help pinpoint causes for unexpected crying sessions and can indicate developing sniffles or other medical problems. Another, perhaps more welcome feature includes a buzzer that can be turned on with a smartphone, letting parents find the lost pacifier if it has gone places unknown.

4moms Bath and Rocker Devices

4moms is a popular brand among those who want the latest in baby care, so all their products are worth a look for high-tech parents. The Cleanwater Collection Bathtub device is a useful example of the 4moms approach: It offers a sleeve that covers the faucet on a bathtub and shows the exact temperature. There’s also an Infant Tub that offers a smaller space for safe infant bathing. If you’re looking for some classy baby furniture, try the variable speed, MP3-compatible rockaRoo instead.

D-Link Baby Monitor

Smart childcare monitors come in all shapes in sizes — no one is limited to only one model. But when it comes to searching for the right features, the D-Link baby monitor, with its advanced camera and Wi-Fi capabilities, is a great place to start. This monitor offers a small HD camera equipped with both motion and sound detection. When turned out, it transfers data to an accompanying app on your phone so you get instant footage to diagnosis any emerging infant problems. The camera also has features like night vision for dark rooms and a temperature sensor so you can monitor the conditions of the room. Everything, in fact, that a worried new parent wants, all without potentially disturbing a newborn. Other monitors offer similar capabilities, but the D-Link option has a very impressive package.

Smart Childcare: Carkoon

Carkoon is not your ordinary baby car seat. On the contrary, it comes with sensors that detect car accidents and automatically deploy a baby-safe Kevlar Airshield around the seat to protect children. The material is impact and fire resistant, and also includes a GPS emergency beacon. The downside is price, which costs around $800 not including shipping. The Carkoon is not available on the market quite yet, so keep track of when it is made available for ordering.

Photo Credit: Tec_Estromberg