Slice Media Player: Artfully Designed for Mobile Entertainment


If you are searching for a portable media player that is fully equipped with unique features for enhanced entertainment and enjoyment, then look no further — the Slice Media Player has arrived. Slice is compact and expertly designed, which will make it a favorite among users that want a mobile device for storing and playing favorite media selections in High Definition (HD) format.

Features of the Slice Media Player

Slice was designed for media player users to download and store all their entertainment favorites. The device will let you enjoy HD quality pictures, movies, TV shows, and music. Slice runs on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, and as such, the creators of this media player can boast that the device is quiet when in use and does not require noisy fans to provide cooling.

Users will be happy to know that setup is relatively easy. The device is hooked up to your TV using HDMI and comes with remote control for stress-free enjoyment. Slice is compatible with 3D video files and also will let you play both compressed and uncompressed music files.

Slice includes hard disk storage so you can transfer media files from your Windows PC or Mac by simply using the USB connection. The media player’s case was intuitively designed using solid aluminum that is lightweight but offers strength for protecting the inner components.

Visual enhancement features will let users create their own distinctive LED light ring so that the device displays unique selected shades of color. Technical specifications for the newly designed Slice include 512MB of RAM, a 1TB SATA hard disk, full size HDMI port, 10/100 Ethernet port and more.

Mobile users that want a media player that can be taken along when traveling will enjoy the convenience and portability offered by Slice. There are 3 USB ports built into the device that lets users hook up to external hard drives and also connect to and access their favorite forms of networked media.

The Talent and Brains Behind Slice

It takes great minds, ingenuity and determination to create an innovative product. Credit for such an accomplishment goes to the FiveNinjas team members that collaborated together and successfully received funding from Kickstarter on September 25, 2014. The Slice project not only met the targeted funding goal, but it also surpassed it with the support of more than 1,500 backers.

The background and talents of the individual Ninja members includes music producer and trainer Mo Volans who has more than 15 years of experience in the field. Ninja team member Jon Williamson, a director at Pimoroni, is a skilled expert in the areas of product design, manufacturing and supply-chain management.

Paul Beech’s talent includes the genius behind the Raspberry Pi logo as well as being a director and co-founder of Pimoroni. Beech’s expertise includes the design and development of DVD technology that features interactive capabilities.

Additional members of the FiveNinjas team include Raspberry Pi engineering geniuses James Adams and Gordon Hollingworth. As the current director of hardware engineering, Adams has more than 10 years of electronics technology experience under his belt in the areas of product and chip design. Hollingworth shines in his role as Raspberry Pi’s director of software engineering where his knowledge and skills include mobile multimedia streaming and systems.

Availability of the Slice Media Player for Purchase

Except for the preview version of the product, prospective users excited about purchasing Slice will receive their media player with accessories that include a USB RF dongle remote control, power supply, HDMI cable, 802.11n 150 Mbps WiFi dongle, a user’s manual with instructions, and a protective carrying bag.

The release date for availability of the Slice Media Player is targeted for December 2014. Those seeking a fully customized model of the product have an estimated availability date of January 2015. The Slice case is available in four color shade choices and users can also select from varying background themes.