Skydrop Smart Sprinkler Controller Improves Lawns


The Skydrop Smart Sprinkler Controller is an innovative product that harnesses the power of cloud technology. Skydrop does the work for you by monitoring and tracking weather conditions and making smart decisions as to when it is the right time to water your lawn, plants, flowers, and garden, and when it best to conserve water to save you money.

All-In-One Weather Forecaster, Gardener and Watering System

The Skydrop Sprinkler Controller uses innovative online cloud technology to track and monitor the ever changing weather conditions within your growing zone. By being continually linked to the Web, Skydrop is always in the know and will do the work for you using smart water technology. The product is intelligent enough to know when to make adjustments as to how often your lawn and other plants need to be replenished with nourishing moisture.

Unlike the more traditional sprinkler systems that stay on continually until turned off, the Skydrop Sprinkler Controller is conservation minded and only provides water when it is needed. As such, Skydrop’s ability to automatically sense when the soil is dry versus being over saturated provides consumers with savings. The monitoring system also helps to prevent the wasteful usage of the precious commodity that water is, particularly in zones experiencing extreme drought.

Skydrop Product Technical Specifications and Set Up

The creators of the Skydrop Smart Sprinkler Controller designed the product with the ability to track and monitor weather conditions and moisture requirements for 8 watering zones. The Skydrop team plans on enhancing the module in early 2015 to provide consumers with an additional 8 growing zones, which complements the device that currently includes a master valve/pump allowing for an extension up to 16 valves with the expansion unit.

When ordering the device, your package will include the primary Skydrop Sprinkler Controller unit that has a 4.3 inch LCD screen with additional hardware. You will be provided with a tool free wiring wall plate in addition to the required wall mounting screws that are compatible with either wood or drywall. A 24V AC wall adapter rounds out the package.

How to Install and Use the Skydrop Smart Sprinkler Controller

After you purchase the Skydrop unit, installation is fairly easy and quick. The unit must be mounted to the selected area on your wall using the provided hardware. Once the wall plate is in place, the next step is to place the valve wires into the designated area on the unit that houses the push button connectors.

Place the primary controller unit onto the wall plate, connect the device by plugging it in, and you are all set. During your initial start up when using the Skydrop Sprinkler Controller, you can link up to the Wi-Fi enabled online cloud. Options to access the Skydrop service include linking via a Web browser plus you can also connect with your mobile devices using the downloaded Skydrop app.

Skydrop Provides Consumers With Outstanding Customer Support

After you purchase the Skydrop Smart Sprinkler Controller, you will have access to extensive support and assistance both online and directly. Your options include contacting service reps by phone, email, or their online chat. The support site for Skydrop provides a wide range of help topics, tutorials and manuals for added guidance.

You can download the Skydrop Quick Start Install Guide or Installation Manual and watch informative videos that will provide further guidance during installation if needed. Check out Skydrop’s video library and their listing of articles that discuss popular topics covering commonly asked questions by consumers. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is another great resource for addressing and clarifying problems and issues encountered by customers.