SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System: Top 10 Features


The SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System provides consumers with comprehensive, multi-level protection. If you are in search of an easy to install security system that lets you choose from several types of wireless sensors, SimpliSafe fits the bill. Alarm options to protect your home and your family include entry and motion sensors as well as detectors for smoke and carbon monoxide, freeze and water sensors, a panic button and more. Check out the top 10 features of SimpliSafe.

1. No Contracts to Sign

Highlights of SimpliSafe include all kinds of great features that consumers look for when purchasing a security system. One of the most important perks is that there is no need to sign a contract. There is no need to worry about being locked into a contract for a period of time. You purchase the system directly online and install it yourself so there are no extra fees that you have to pay.

2. Professional Monitoring Service

SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring subscription service provides added protection and around-the-clock, 24/7 monitoring that will dispatch the police and fire department when necessary. SimpliSafe also provides courtesy calls to consumers when their water sensors or freezing temperature alarms are activated. As an added bonus, consumers can save up to 20% on their homeowner’s insurance premiums when they subscribe to the monitoring services provided by SimpliSafe.

3. Power Outage Protection

SimpliSafe provides consumers with reliable backup and power outage protection. The system’s base station unit draws extra power from the rechargeable backup battery during outages. This in turn provides you with continued protection for a period of up to 2 days when your home is without electricity. When your power comes back online, the system will automatically restore power to the backup battery by recharging the unit.

4. Night and Day Alarm Modes

SimpliSafe has night and day alarm mode setting options that provide just the right level of protection. During those hours when you and your family are at home, you will engage the system to operate it in the home mode so that all your doors and windows are covered by the entry sensors. While at work, out shopping or on vacation, the away mode provides a higher level of protection by engaging all sensors throughout your household.

5. Pet-Friendly Motion Detector

Consumers will appreciate the pet-friendly motion detector that relies upon specialized motion sensors to prevent setting off the alarms. SimpliSafe provides a simple test mode to ensure that your furry friends do not trigger the system. Support specialists can provide additional assistance and guidance when setting up the system.

6. Customizeable System

SimpliSafe is full customizeable, which is a feature that Do-It-Yourself (DIY) consumers will like. The wireless home security system comes fully equipped with your choice of sensors that have already been pre-programmed. An additional plus is that there is no need to purchase and install batteries as the units are ready to operate with the batteries included.

7. Mobile System Control

Mobile system control lets you access SimpliSafe in conjunction with a free downloadable app that is compatible with your mobile devices. The system can be used with your Smartphone or laptop during those times when you are not at home and want to “easily arm or disarm your system, monitor your home, and make adjustments to your security alarm settings.” (SimpliSafe, 2015)

8. Extended Range Wireless Sensors

SimpliSafe uses wireless sensors that have an extended range up to 400 ft when providing security and protection for your home. The system was designed with the capability to fully support up to 41 SimpliSafe sensor units. Consumers can choose from a variety of sensors to detect entry and motion during break-ins from intruders as well as sensors to monitor levels of carbon monoxide, smoke and more.

9. Quick Installation and Portability

SimpliSafe is portable and is very easy to bring with you when you relocate and move to a new home. Since the initial installation uses simple 3M command strips to mount the sensors, removing the strips is quick. When consumers purchase SimpliSafe sensors their package will always include an extra set of the adhesive strips so you will have them on hand when you pack up and move to a new location.

10. Customer Support Resources

The SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System offers consumers a great variety of online resources that provide helpful information and guidance. The SimpliSafe Studio Blog includes a questions and answers forum and also offers additional home security tips. You can check out the SimpliSafe Newsletter for helpful safety tips and take their online Safety Quiz and read their Safety Checklist for suggestions.