Several Ways to Fix Netflix Freezing


You have a perfect lazy evening laid out. You have your snack, you’ve settled in with our loved ones and then it happens — Netflix freezes. We’ve done our research and we will help you resolve some of those Netflix freezing issues.

What is Streaming?

Netflix (and most other video services) download small portions of your video and continue to download them while you are watching. In theory, your Netflix download is supposed to stay ahead of your viewing and that is called a buffer.

Why Does Netflix Freeze?

When your viewing catches up to your buffer you end up with a stalled program while it attempts to load more content. You usually lose the buffer either because your Internet connection is slow or because you have lost your Internet connection.

Another common reason for Netflix to freeze up is memory or processing capabilities. Some units can only handle so much. If you have an older unit then check its specs to see what it is capable of. As internet connections improve streaming programs have upgraded and they require more memory and processing capabilities.

The other reason for many of the current Netflix freezing issues is Internet throttling this is yet another reason to fight to maintain Net Neutrality.

How to Prevent Freezing in General

First thing you need to do is figure out if your Internet Connection is fast enough to stream. For consistent streaming you need a consistent minimum connection rate of 1.5 to 3 Mbps; 10 Mbps is ideal. You can check your speed by using our online speed test program or calling your ISP.

If your speed is fine, then look around your house to see what else is using your bandwidth. Is someone else streaming videos or gaming? If someone else is using your connection then are sharing bandwidth and instead of having a dedicated download stream, the bandwidth is now split between multiple units.

If you connect to Netflix on a wireless device, the wireless connection could also be your issue. If your device is too far from your router or there are large objects in the way they could all interfere with your signal strength. Look at ways to improve your wireless signal strength.

Correcting a Freeze

The first solution recommended by every manufacturer out there is to restart the movie, or if that doesn’t work then reboot the unit.

The next most common solution they all recommend is to reload the Netflix widget on your device.

If freezing frequently occurs then you might have to go into your main Netflix account and reduce your video quality.

Correcting Netflix Freezing on Specific Units

There are plenty of devices to watch Netflix on, so while it might be a problem with your streaming service, it could also be some issues with the streaming device you’re watching it through.


If your Vizio unit freezes or crashes on Netflix they suggest that you start by turning off your device, unplugging it for a few seconds then plugging it back in, turning it on and loading Netflix. IF that doesn’t work then they recommend removing the widget and reloading it. If that doesn’t work they then recommend that you reset your Yahoo Widget profile and reactivating the Netflix widget.

  • Press the VIA button on your remote to enter the dock
  • Navigate to My Profile
  • Select Settings
  • Select Reset Factory Settings

Their final recommendation is to completely wipe and reset your system

  • Press the VIA button on your remote to enter the dock
  • Navigate to HDTV Settings
  • Select HELP
  • Select Clear Memory
  • Enter your Parental Code – The default code in 0-0-0-0

Portable Devices

All the mobile device manufacturers give us two pieces of advice

  • reset your Wi-Fi connection
  • Go into Netflix and reduce your streaming quality

Blu-Ray Player Problems

Static Buffer Rate: Many Blu-Ray players are configured to buffer at a whichever rate was available when you initiated the movie and they will continue to buffer at that rate despite changes in your Internet speed. To change the buffer rate for that movie, stop and restart the movie. The Blu-Ray should now buffer at the rate set by your current Internet Speed.

Processor Overload: Sometimes you’ve just given the system too much information to handle and it just needs a nice simple reboot to wipe its memory and start everything new.

Older Systems: Some of the older systems just don’t want to work with the current version of Netflix. Some like Samsung have provided system upgrades. You will have to look up your plyer to see how the manufacturer is handling these issues.

Hopefully, the next time Netflix freezes on you, you’ll be able to use one of these helpful tricks to thaw it out!