Just Exactly What is Apple TV?

What is Apple TV - Movies, Music, Games

When you first see this small white box that fits in the palm of your hand, you may be thinking, “What is Apple TV?” It’s definitely not a television, like the name would lead you believe, and this little box bears no resemblance to most of the items commonly associated with the Apple name, such as Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

In fact, this box looks a little like a super-sized iPod. This small device is a powerhouse that works with your Apple iOS devices and provides you limitless access to entertainment.

The Apple TV is a small, energy-efficient ‘set-top box’ that allows you to use Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet and your home network. It gives you access to thousands of entertainment programs, photos and songs, and it lets you view them on your HDTV. And no, it does not have Siri.

It allows you to effortlessly stream various forms of media including photos, movies and music from your home network, the Internet, or your Apple iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. Apple TV also lets you access Netflix, Hulu Plus, and several other streaming partners.

This ingenious little system is perfect for those already integrated into the Apple world, as it will easily work with your existing iTunes libraries, providing you with endless entertainment. There are thousands of HD movies, television programs and songs available from iTunes that will play on your HDTV through the Apple TV system.


This small device is easy to pack up and carry along when you are on the road or when visiting friends. This unit weighs just a little over half a pound and is only four inches square, with a height of about 1 inch. This tiny box will allow you to view your iTunes library from anywhere that has Wi-Fi access. With Apple TV, you and your friends no longer have to huddle around a small device to view the latest downloaded movies or music videos because the Apple TV unit can easily be hooked up to almost any HDTV. This will allow everyone to view and listen to the movie or video in comfort.

Setup is so quick and easy that even a child can do it. Simply plug the unit into a power outlet and connect the Apple TV to the HDTV using a HDMI cable. As long as there is Wi-Fi available, you are good to go. Its small footprint also makes it ideal for those with space constraints.

What is Apple TV - iPad, iPhone, iTunes
Apple TV connects all of your favorite Apple products together, along with thousands of entertainment choices on iTunes, including games, movies, TV shows and music.


There are remotes for everything, the common problem is figuring out which remote works with what. The Apple TV does have its own easy to use remote, but you can also program any of your Apple iOS units as a remote. Simply download the Apple TV remote application to your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch and you have control of the television without hunting around to find the correct controller.

If you are already an iTunes user then you are familiar with the easy to navigate menus and you can browse videos, navigate to new movie choices or search for programming already in your iTunes Library. One easy tap plays your choice, additional tapping on your touch screen allows you to fast-forward, pause and rewind.

Navigation using your iOS device is easy. Use the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch as a trackpad, swipe left, right, up or down to navigate between menu options, then tap the screen when you are ready to select.

Energy Efficient

In their continuing effort to protect our environment, Apple has designed this unit to reduce the environmental impact. The Apple TV meets the Energy Star 3.0 requirements for set-top boxes and, when not in use, the energy consumption is less than that of a standard night-light. The plastic is PVC-free and the unit is brominated, flame retardant-free.

So, What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is a flawless integration between the Apple iOS systems making this the ideal set-top box for anyone with an iPad, iTouch, or iPhone, as it provides another outlet that lets you share your media.

The same iTunes library is available for access by all of your Apple products. You do not need to pay extra fees to share between units and the content can be accessed from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. If you are one of the many Apple product addicts, then Apple TV is a must-have that will complete your Apple system. The additional features of Netflix and Hulu Plus are just the icing on the cake and will quickly elevate this system to be the primary unit of your entertainment center.

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