Sengled Smart LED Lights Help Save on Your Electric Bill


Smart LED lights are a great way to reduce your energy consumption and save some money for other uses. We saw this market segment take off last year. Sengled was a standout at CES 2015, with their entry into this market segment. However, they’ve been thinking outside the box, bringing more capability than simply illuminating an area while saving you some money. Their newest product is an addition to their Boost LED product line, adding a new base to the line.

The Boost LED Does What You’d Expect of Smart LED Lights

The Boost smart LED light gives off from 350 to 1000 lumens of brilliance depending on which model you purchase the new GU10 base, A01-A60, A01-BR30, A01-PAR38. However, being an LED and not incandescent, it consumes much less energy (power consumption ranges from about five to about ten Watts) and doesn’t create excessive heat. The light given off by the Boost LED light is a soft neutral white in color.

The Boost LED, being “smart” can also be controlled Android and iOS apps. Unfortunately it still seems that they haven’t gotten a Windows Phone app yet, but I’m still hoping. The app gives you the granular control that you’d expect from a smart LED light. On and off is a given. You can also dim the LED from off to max brilliance.

Taking a Closer Look at Each of the Different Sengled Models of Smart Led Lights

Each of the Boost LED models pertain to a different type of mounting base. The A01 models are all threaded bases, with two of them being the same size, but with the A60 and 30 having different specs. The diameter of the PAR38 base is about half the size of the others, while the GU10 base is snap-in type without threads.

If you’re looking for a soft light that isn’t going to irritate the eyes, you’re looking for either the A60 or the BR30. The A60 puts out 470 lumens, which is about equal to a 45 Watt regular bulb. However, it only consumes six Watts of power. The BR30 puts out 700 lumens, which is about what a 70-80 Watt bulb puts out while consuming only 8.2 Watts. These two fit the standard threaded light socket.

The PAR38 fits smaller light sockets, similar to the one in your refrigerator. Being smaller than the others, you’d think it would also put out less light, but that’s not the case. This baby puts out about the same amount of light a standard 100 Watt bulb puts out-1000 lumens. However, it consumes less than ten percent as much energy, only 9.5 Watts.

The GU10 bulb fits specialized light sockets and puts out 350 lumens, about the same as a 50 Watt bulb. Power consumption is about five Watts. This is the perfect amount of light for nighttime TV viewing — just enough to lighten the room but not enough to cause glare. There’s also a new version of the Boost that isn’t coated but clear, giving a brighter white color.

Energy Savings Isn’t All This Line of Smart LED Lights Delivers

The Boost LED product line is on sale with an average price of about 70 bucks each. Considering how much money you’ll save on your electric bill and in bulb replacement, since LEDs last so much longer and are much less fragile than incandescents, This means you should start seeing a return on your investment within a few months.

However, saving you money isn’t the only thing these babies are good at. The app controls the lighting functions via your home Wi-Fi network. Sengled took this idea one step further and added a Wi-Fi repeater instead of just a receiver. This means that you can use Boost LEDs to increase the range of your Wi-Fi network. The app also gives you control over this feature.

The Wi-Fi section is 802.11n compatible and operates on the 2.4GHz frequency range. The repeater supports 6 and 128 bit encryption. It also supports all wireless security protocols such as WPA, WPA2, ad WPA2-PSK.