Searching For the Best Deals From Cable TV Providers


We can help you find the best deals from Cable TV providers in your area.

Television – we don’t really need it, but we want it. It’s a luxury item that we just can’t seem to give up. The problem is that it is expensive. The bill isn’t too bad if you stick with the basic local package, but there isn’t really much to watch on the local stations unless you really like soap operas, talk shows, news and old movies. To get any of the hot ticket shows or good sporting events then you need to expand your cable package and this is where the dollars start to add up.

It doesn’t matter who your provider is, they all follow the same basic pattern. They charge you for the basic package and your channel upgrades, then they toss the equipment costs on the top. Half of the charges you might not have seen for a long time, but then, one day you opened your bill and there they were — staring you in the face because your special promotional deal had run out.

Now that your cable bill has gone up, your budget is running a little tighter, but we can help you lower you cable bill and get the best deals from cable TV providers. You just need to play their game, by their rules and you should come out ahead.

The first thing you need to do is analyze your cable bill. Is there anything on there that you never use like a sports package or an extra DVR. If there is, then you can call to cancel those components. The odds are pretty good that when you call, someone is going to try to make you a deal to keep the extras, or to sell you on a different package. Listen to what they have to offer and if it’s a better deal that works for you then take it, if not then read on for other handy tips.

Research the Best Deals From Cable TV Providers

A simple phone call will quite often net you a better rate, however you need to some research before you make that call;

  • Look through your junk mail, local newspaper and our Digital Landing deal finder for any local cable package deals offered by your current provider and the competition. Don’t forget to check out the satellite providers as well. You should know the channels offered in each promotion so you can compare them. Make it simple for yourself and jot down a few notes, with pricing, for each provider.
  • If you can find a promotional deal for you current package then make sure that you keep that very close at hand, that will be a strong bargaining chip, because that shows you how much room they have in the negotiation price.
  • Make a note of how long you have been a customer, sometimes loyalty itself can pay off and get you a discount.

Pick a Time

A key part of getting what you want out of your provider is negotiating at a time when they are not rushed. The best times to call them are when they are slowest such as early morning or mid-afternoon during the middle of the week and the middle of the month. You also need to ensure that you won’t be rushed or interrupted yourself.

Mind Your P’s and Q’s

Remember those manners your mother drilled into you, well it is time to use them. Be nice, polite and friendly. The person you are talking to is not responsible for company policies and they have to follow a certain procedure. Most call center agents have a script they need to follow, and if you get someone relatively new then they are probably going to stick to procedure, so you need to work it a little harder. If you can make them laugh or break from the script then you are already on your way to making a deal.

The Sell

Be friendly and lay out your problem to them. Explain how the increased bill is putting a strain on your budget and you are thinking of changing providers. You like your current provider, but you can’t afford to stay with them. Ask if there is something they can do to help you? They might give you a good offer at this point that you want to take.

Compare Cable TV Providers

If you found a promotion that was similar to your existing one, then mention it. The odds are they will tell you that it is for new customers only and try offering something else. This is when you pull out the competitors offers and see if they have something to counter with.

ALWAYS make sure that you mention the competitor company by name. Sometimes just mentioning a competitors name will open up special deals for you, especially in areas where the competition is strong.

At this point you can choose to take an offered deal, or attempt to negotiate further.

You Can Always Cancel

If all else fails and you get a rep that wont negotiate, or you don’t like the deals being offered you have two choices. You can call back later, or you can tell them you want to cancel your account.

If you chose to cancel they will transfer you to the cancellation department where you can start negotiations all over again, and maybe get a better deal.

Getting the best deals from cable TV providers isn’t hard, it’s just a long procedure — or you can just check our Digital Landing Deals Finder below. If you have the time and the patience you get manage to keep your cable provider and get a pretty good deal.

Photo Credit: Chase Elliott Clark