Save Smartly with This Truly Smart Piggy Bank


I didn’t have a smart piggy bank when I was growing up. In fact, except for my coin collection, I wasn’t able to hold onto money for very long when I was a kid. Something like the Quirky Porkfolio would have been great. Sure, my mom tried to teach me about saving money, but spending it was so much more fun back then. This little thing could have changed all that.

The Quirky Porkfolio Hearkens Back to the Piggy Bank of Old

The Quirky Porkfolio vaguely resembles the piggy bank of old. It’s pink, and it looks like a little pig. You can buy him in white or black also, but where’s the fun in that? Instead of ceramic, glass, or hard plastic, Quirky the Porkfolio is soft plastic and he has legs that can be positioned. Quirky can sit or stand, it’s your call.

Quirky Celebrates Deposits and Notifies of Robberies

Some of my friends had piggy banks when they were growing up. We enjoyed dropping coins in and listening to them fall. We also enjoyed listening to them bounce around when we shook the bank. This smart piggy bank does that and more.

Although the body is made of soft plastic, it’s still hard enough to allow that satisfying tinkle and jingle of coins. However, Quirky’s nose lights up when a coin is dropped in the slot. There’s also an accelerometer built into the bank to alert you if someone unauthorized picks it up.

Quirky is a Truly Smart Piggy Bank

Quirky is smart enough to be able to tell the difference between US and world coins, so if you shove some Brazilian Reals and Centavos through the slot, they won’t be counted.

The Internet of Things Meets Financial Training

Quirky wouldn’t be a smart piggy bank without a smartphone app. The app lets you configure savings goals and alerts you when you’re approaching that goal and when you’ve reached it. That’s something the old school piggy banks couldn’t do. With them, if you wanted to know how much money you had, you started shaking the coins out and counting them. With Quirky, just bring up the app.

The Quirky Porkfolio App

The app for this smart piggy bank is available for Android and iOS. However, reviewing the comments from some customers leads me to believe there is an issue with iOS 8. It’s also not easy to set up and configure the app.

Setup and configuring the Wi-Fi network is pretty straightforward. Simply bring up the app on the phone and yank the plastic tab out of the battery holder to activate the bank, which will cause his nose to blink. The app will give you a notification at which time you tap your phone’s screen to the nose, allowing the two to communicate using a light code to configure the parameters of your Wi-Fi network. There have been reports that some people have had to perform this step a few times to enable proper communications.

The App Gives Quirky Some Personality

The app allows you to set goals for your savings, maybe that video game or the bike parts that are needed. The app also allows you to personalize Quirky a bit. As you interact with him in the app, he will blink and wiggle his nose at you, something that the younger ones will enjoy. You can also use the app (or nose taps) to change the colors that light up his nose when you make a deposit.

Quirky App Teaches Account Management

For some reason, Quirky can’t keep track of what you take out of him. Because of this, the app has a feature that allows you to make withdrawals and enter them to keep the running balance accurate. This teaches kids that they need to keep track of what they spend more than what they save, since Quirky tracks savings, just not withdrawals. There’s also a nifty graphing feature that lets you track your saving and spending over time.

Quirky Counts Like a Vending Machine

Today’s vending machines validate coins that are used in two ways: weight and size. As the coin is inserted a spring weighs it. Other springs measure its diameter. Finally, the coin falls through slots that are sized to correspond with coins. A simple counting mechanism tallies up the amount deposited.

Quirky works very much the same way. However, coins that are deposited aren’t weighed. As a coin is pushed into the slot, Quirky measures how many springs have been pushed out of the way to determine the value of the coin. This process takes about one to two seconds.

Quirky’s Internet Connection

Quirky is Internet connected using the IFTTT (If This Then That) web connection site. Once you create an account on the site, you can configure your channel and the Quirky app to communicate with each other. This is how and where notifications that you’ve reached your savings goal come from. The smart piggy bank or the app itself should tell you, but we have word that this is something we can look forward to in a future revision of the app.

Do you have kids? Would they enjoy learning about the world of money with Quirky the Porkfolio? Let me know what you think in the comments below.