Save Money with New Home Security

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In this day and age, new home security is bigger and better than ever. Home security systems are no longer just for simple break-ins, with a box that requires you to log a code in and out every time you enter or exit your home.

New Home Security Options

These days, security systems provided by companies (such as ADT or XFINITY, to name a few) offer a multitude of features and extra services.

Automated and Remote Access

Home automation is a big part of new home security systems. Not only can you access your security system from any computer with an Internet connection, but many companies grant you mobile access, right from your cell phone. From your phone or computer, you have the capability of programming not only your home alarm, but many other extras.

Some systems can also control your locks, which is a particularly handy feature if you are concerned that you forgot to lock a door when you left. Simply check on your phone to ensure your alarm is set and your locks are in place without having to run back home.

Added Protection from Other Common Household Hazards

On top of automating features that can save you money, your new home security system can also bring you peace of mind. They’ll protect you from break-ins, true, but how about water leaks or fires?

With these advanced systems, your home security program can monitor not only smoke, but carbon monoxide leaks and water leaks. If smoke or carbon monoxide are detected, the system will alert you and the proper authorities. Water leak detectors will ring an alarm and send a message to your phone to alert you to the leak. Some can even tell you where the leak is.

Remote Camera Access

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You can also rest easy by including cameras in your security system. These cameras placed throughout your house are also able to be accessed via mobile device or computer, so you can check in on your home anywhere, any time. This is useful not only to ensure people stay out, but perhaps to ensure your children stay in and safe.

Cameras can be installed indoors, but also outdoors. Have one installed on your front porch that will give you the perfect view of the face of anyone who comes knocking. The ability to integrate video surveillance systems with home alarm systems is relatively new, although, home video surveillance has been around for years.

Real-Time Alerts and Protection

Your new home security system can be programmed to inform you through email or text message alerts that a door in your house has opened, letting you know your children have arrived home safe from school, or that an unwanted person has entered your home.

Protection also comes in the form of a bracelet or necklace. Should the wearer fall, become trapped or otherwise endangered, a push of a button immediately alerts authorities to send help on the way within minutes.

These pendants or bracelets are also waterproof, so they can be worn even in the shower in the event that you slip and fall in the tub. For elderly people living on their own, but who might need a little extra assistance, these devices can bring comfort and peace of mind, not just for the wearer, but for their family members.

A more classic (but still important) feature on these systems are the panic buttons, useful in the event of a break-in, while residents are in the home. A press of a button on the security control panel or your phone will alert the police immediately to ensure your safety.

Saving Money

Your new home security system can also help to keep a good deal of money in your pocket. Not only by eliminating unneeded usage of electricity, heating and air conditioning, but also by lowering your home owner’s insurance costs.

Showing your insurance company you are protected by such a thorough and advanced system is sure to cut down on your premium — not to mention, your security system is there to help prevent damage to items in your home not covered by your policy in the event of floods, leaks, or fires.

The ability to adjust your thermostat, lights, and water with a few clicks can save you a lot of worry and cash as well.

Not going to be home as soon as you thought? Simply log into your security account, adjust you porch light to come on around the time when you plan to arrive, and alter your thermostat, so your air conditioning doesn’t kick on when it isn’t needed.

You can also program your system to shut off unneeded appliances at night. Some systems can even learn the habits of the home’s occupants and adjust its thermostat temperatures based on the temperatures outside, and your home’s ability to adjust to such temperatures.

Overall, new home security systems have come a long way in the last 20 years, and continue to advance and grow. The costs are moderate, especially when you consider how much money you’ll save in the long run. The peace of mind it will bring you to know your home and its occupants are always safe is invaluable.

Photo Credit: Sacramento Home Alarm Specialist