Satellite TV On the Go: DirecTV App On Your iPad


If you are a DirecTV subscriber, you are no longer limited to sitting in front of your HD TV to enjoy your Satellite TV subscription. DirecTV Everywhere and the free DirecTV app for your iOS or Android mobile device let you stream TV shows and movies to nearly every device in your technology arsenal. Don’t worry about leaving your old-fashioned desktop computer out of the action, since DirecTV Everywhere allows streaming to your favorite web browser.

In case there is any confusion, don’t go looking for a “DirecTV Everywhere” app on the iTunes or Google Play app stores. DirecTV Everywhere is the brand name of DirecTV’s content streaming offering, while the mobile application is called the DirecTV App. With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the features of DirecTV’s mobile app for the iPad and Android tablets.

DirecTV Provides Mobile Apps for Android Phones, iPhones and iPads

DirecTV offers two sets of apps for both the iOS and Android platforms. Instead of going the iOS Universal app route, DirecTV provides one app each for the iPhone and the iPad. It takes a similar tack on the Google Play store, with a separate DirecTV app specifically for Android tablet computers and one optimized for a smartphone display.

iOS users need to be aware that both DirecTV apps on that platform require at least iOS 8.0. Both Android apps require Android 4.0. So updating your OS version might need to be on your to-do list before downloading any DirecTV app.

Each app features a similar set of functionality that goes beyond merely streaming DirecTV content. You are able to manage your DVR recordings and set new programs to record. The apps’ enhanced programming guide works well as a companion when you actually watch DirecTV on your residence’s primary TV.

You are able to browse DirecTV’s On Demand movies and TV shows, and either stream them to your device or set them to record on your DVR. The apps even provide social media network functionality, allowing you to easily share information about your favorite shows to Facebook or Twitter. Even managing your DirecTV account from your mobile device is possible using one of these apps.

Finally, you are able to use the app to turn your mobile device into a DirecTV remote control. This is an attractive option for those of you suffering from multiple remote controls taking up space on your living room coffee table.

Streaming Content to your Mobile Device on DirecTV App Requires Newer DirecTV Receivers

The DirecTV app comes with an important caveat: to be able to stream DirecTV content on your home network using one of their mobile apps, subscribers need to use one of the more recent DirecTV Plus HD DVR receivers: models R22 or HR20 and higher. When trying to stream content while on the go, you’ll just need to find an active WiFi or mobile Internet connection, and naturally a stronger signal with higher bandwidth provides the best streaming quality. Scheduling a recording using the app requires an Internet connection for your device and a DirecTV Plus DVR or HD DVR, but the receiver doesn’t need to be connected to the Internet. These requirements are similar on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Remember that the content available for streaming depends on your DirecTV programming package. So don’t expect to be able to watch a movie on your iPad from a premium channel you don’t subscribe to. Additionally, not all of DirecTV’s content is streamable, so click on “Live TV” within the app to see a listing of the shows currently available on your mobile device.

While DirecTV Everywhere is more of a marketing brand than an actual product, downloading the DirecTV app for your mobile device definitely enhances your DTV experience with additional functionality, including the streaming of movies and TV shows. Just make sure you access a high bandwidth Internet service, and upgrade your account to include a newer DirecTV HD DVR receiver if you want to stream content while at home. Even if you don’t have one of the newer receivers, the apps provide additional functionality worth checking out.

Photo Credit: Aaron Anderer