Sandbox Home: An Affordable and Easy to Use Security Solution


The Sandbox Home security system is another easy to use and configure security solution for your home, business, or apartment. One of the main reasons I’m given for not having a security system installed is the cost, with “it’s too hard to use” running a close second. The trend in security systems over the past few years has negated these excuses and relegated them to obsolescence. One perfect example of this is the Sandbox.

What is Sandbox?

Those of us in the tech field look upon a sandbox as a virtual area of an operating system that is completely separate from the outside world and safe from intrusion. Sandbox Home modifies that definition for the home security market. You get a feature-rich home security system that is connected and able to contact you 24/7.

One of the things I’ve noticed in checking out some of the newer security systems on the market is that manufacturers and suppliers are setting aside certain features and incorporating others to decrease the price, make the systems easier to use and/or install, or both. The people over at Sandbox have taken a different path and put together what I see as an excellent security system that is affordable and doesn’t require my 15 years of industry experience to install and configure.

Come On, Dave, What’s in the Box?

What you get with your purchase is pretty amazing. Most security systems that I’ve installed come with a couple door and window sensors, usually something like two doors and three or four windows. You’ll also receive a central control module and a keypad to arm and disarm the system. If you were really lucky, you also got a couple window stickers, a yard sign, and maybe a keyfob.

Now, let’s take a look at Sandbox Home and see what you get with your purchase. You get door and window sensors (intrusion detection). You’ll also get motion detection sensors. Yawn. I hear you; those are all things available with almost every security system on the market today. So what makes this system so special?

This is where it gets good. Along with intrusion and motion detection, you can have interior/exterior security with the two intelligent (more on that later) cameras that record and broadcast images in full HD. Does that intruder have a mole, or a scar under his right eye? Take a look at the recording. There’s also a smart doorbell (which I’ll also talk about in a bit).

We can’t forget the temperature sensors. This is one of the first security systems I’ve seen to include this, although many home automation systems also offer this feature. To top it all off, the system will send alerts to your phone or computer account, with those alerts being your choice of text, sound, images, and video clips.

The Installation Wizard Makes Me Obsolete

I always tell my customers that the only difference between me and them is my tools. Installing even an older wired security system is pretty straightforward; you and I both would have to decide on cable routing. My advantage is that I have training from the companies that make the systems to make setting them up easier. Get rid of the need for the tech with special training to configure the system……..That’s what the installation wizard does for you. If you’ve ever installed software on your phone or computer, you can install the Sandbox Home software and configure your system.

Since the system is all wireless, there’s no cutting into walls, climbing in the attic, or crawling through crawlspaces. Just align the sensors and stick them to the door or window or other access point.

The Sandbox Home Smart Doorbell

The “smart” doorbell I mentioned before is something I’ve only ever seen in this configuration once before. Sandbox calls it a “doorman/concierge.” I call it a doorbell that incorporates an HD camera and microphone/speaker in a single unit. This is great for folks that work and have kids. You can instruct them to not answer the door and let you answer it — from your phone. When someone rings the bell you can take a peek with the camera. If it’s a salesman or Nosy Aunt Ida, you can shoo them away without letting them know you’re not home.

That’s not all this doorbell does, though. If you don’t want to be bothered by the doorbell chimes, you can set it to silent mode. There’s also the capability to record messages to be played when someone rings the bell: “FedEx, please deliver the package behind the gate on the left. Thank you. ”

The Smart Cameras

The Sandbox Home security system comes with two smart HD cameras. The cameras have been designated as “smart cameras” for a few good reasons. First, they are able to recognize motion. They can stream video or still images, as well as audio. They’ve also got thermal sensors built in so they can detect rapid rises and drops in temperature. To top this all off, when they detect an emergency situation, they can generate alarms and alerts. Infrared LEDs also give the cameras low light level capability.

If you’re looking to enhance your peace of mind, this is something I can wholeheartedly recommend. At the time of this writing, they are still an Indiegogo project, but they have more than tripled their campaign goals. The only problem I see with Sandbox Home (SandboxHome) at this moment is that it won’t be ready for shipment until first quarter 2015.

This product is also great for renters and those that travel extensively. Since there are no wires to install, it can go anywhere with you.