Samsung TV and PlayStation Team Up to Give you Console-Free Gaming


In December Sony launched a major offensive move when it comes to the battle of between gaming consoles.

Samsung TV and PlayStation have teamed up. We were told that if you own a Samsung Internet-connected Smart TV then you will soon get a nice surprise – the ability to play PlayStation games without a console. There is no actual release date as of this time, the only announcement has been that it would be early this year to consumers in the U.S. and Canada.

Why This News is Big

This is big news on two fronts, gaming and television.

On the gaming front,this gives Sony a big push ahead of their competition. Sony will probably get a whole new batch of gamers who want to play the games, but didn’t want to shell out the bucks on a console. PlayStation Now plays some of the older games so it may bring back gamers who are fans of some of the older stuff and just didn’t have the desire to upgrade.

On the TV front, Samsung has now leaped way ahead of the competition. Until now the TV manufacturers have been relying on smart phone technology and mobile games to improve their apps. This new platform is an ideal launch pad for a variety of programming geared towards the larger screens. The access to PlayStation games directly through the television also means that consumers are more likely to purchase their units over other comparable units as they will now be getting more for their money. Many will view it as getting a $150 PS3 tossed in for free.

Samsung TV and PlayStation Now

One of the biggest problems many of us have had with console gaming is backwards compatibility; unless you have an older system, you can’t play the older games. The move to a cloud based platform means that you can have access to both new and old games without keeping around a plethora of old consoles.

The PlayStation Now streaming service is fairly new and doesn’t have a lot of traction, but their connection with the Samsung TVs may be what they need to get themselves running full bore. Samsung and Sony have teamed up to offer PlayStation Now which enables gamers to stream directly from the Web to the TV, all you would need is a Sony Dualshock controller.

Once you have a controller all you need to do is plug it into the TV, fire up the app and chose from over 200 PlayStation 3 games. All the games will be directly streamed from the cloud, so there are no downloads, everything will save to the cloud. The best part is that because it is online you will also be able to play against your friends.

The Problems

I think most of us have our Internet-connected entertainment devices such as our TVs and Blu-Rays on wireless connections, this might become a problem if we want to stream games on out TV. Because the gaming system is 100% streaming, there is bound to be a lag issue on some of the more intense games. To take full advantage of this service we may have to upgrade our Internet, or at least take our TV off of Wi-Fi and hardwire it to get a slightly faster connection.

I know that my controllers wont reach from my TV to a comfortable seat, so I would expect to start seeing new controllers on the market shortly that have an extra long cord. Either that or I need to go out and purchase all new wireless controllers, though I suppose it is cheaper than buying a new gaming console

Just the New Tizen?

At the Consumers Electronics Show of 2015 attendees were given a sneak peek at the forthcoming Samsung Tizen smart TV operating system. We are told that the new system will have a better integration with other Samsung devices and will allow viewers to stream PS 3 games without a console. There was no mention of it being available on other Internet Enabled Smart TVs.

The good news for those with older systems is that Samsung hasn’t made it clear if there will be Smart TV’s that can’t handle the new app. Right now they are going to use the app as a big push for their new line. This means that it might just be a waiting game. My guess is that it will be used as a major selling point on the new Tizen then the app will gradually appear on the older systems.

It looks like Samsung TV and PlayStation teaming up may be a good thing.

Photo Credit: Samsung Tomorrow