Roku Universal Search Saves You Time

Roku Universal Search

I’m a big movie buff. A lot of the television I watch is actually movies (thank you, HBO, Cinemax and Showtime). I’m also lucky enough to have those lovely movie channels On Demand. Unfortunately, every time I want to see what movies are available, I have to check every On Demand station, separately. My twin sister, however, no longer has to go channel by channel to check her movie options because she has a Roku and she can use Roku universal search.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Roku, it’s a video/audio Internet streaming device that connects to your television and works with your wireless Internet. You can use subscription services (like Netflix and Hulu Plus), as well as free services available through the receiver (like Pandora radio). So, like all those On Demand channels that you can get with cable, there are many movie, as well as television, options. My sister, with her Roku box, will no longer have to surf through each service one by one.

The new Roku universal search option allows users to search for TV shows and movies on Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video. You can check to see if your desired program is available on any of them in a single search. If the program is available on multiple channels, the search will tell you so, and you can choose which service you’d prefer to watch through. There are already over 130,000 titles searchable through the new feature. You can even search by actor and director, as well!

Even better, if you already own a Roku, you do not need to buy a new device to take advantage of the Roku universal search because it’s available as a free software update. So, my twin sister can take advantage of it, and I have a new reason to go visit her!